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Hello all and welcome to my little crafty, quirky corner of the Internet. I’m Victoria Anderson,  20 years old and living in the great city of New York. I am currently a full time model and just trying to figure out life. I love crocheting, baking pies, the great outdoors, and going on adventures. I hope you’ll join my crazy journey! And thanks for stopping by.

I am so happy to report that I recieved a most long-awaited package in the mail today. I FINALLLLY got my 18 balls of Stylecraft yarn shipped all the way from the UK. I am such the happy camper. I’ve never used Stylecraft before, but I just had to try it after seeing the wonderful colors on so many blogs. It’s a bit thinner than the acrylic yarn I’m used to (I usually use Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice), but it is super soft and squigy and colorful! I can’t wait to use it the problem is that I am so overwhelmed with color I don’t know what to make. Ideas to come!

I made my room mate immediately start a yarn themed photoshoot, I was so stoked!

My boyfriend Daniel and I went to the Renegade Craft Fair in Williamsburg this weekend and even though it was screaming hot we had a lovely time browsing all the hipster booths and of course I came away with some new yarn. 🙂 I bought a lovely hand dyed and hand spun bunch of wool from Type A Fibers operated out of Jersey City.


I just loooooove the colors! So beautiful. I am meeting his mother for the first time this week so he asked me to make her a scarf, hence the yarn.


Because it’s hand spun it is very uneven…like not even at all. I had a very difficult time finding a pattern that didn’t look incredibly weird. I searched beloved Ravelry for hours and finally settled on one of the most easy peasy patterns for scarfs. Just a simple ch 5, sc, ch 5. Easy eh?


I love the ombré. It is so beautiful. Once I block it it won’t look as wonky, but I kinda like things a bit wonky.

Apologies for the horrible picture quality…iPad. BUT I have a great camera en route in the mail as we speak!!! So excited.

Until next time 🙂

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