So yes, I know…we went to Amsterdam like two months ago and I’m just now posting about it, but honestly, life has been hectic as of late. I’ll get to that later. Now here’s our adventure in Amsterdam.DSC_0682.JPGDSC_0587.JPGDSC_0508.JPGDaniel and I stayed in an AirBnb in the neighborhood De Pjip (dutch for the pipe). De Pjip is traditionally a working class neighborhood recently turned trendy. It’s now home to many young folks and trendy restaurants. The area was incredibly cozy and charming and I can not recommend it enough. If you’re looking into a trip to Amsterdam I would stay in De Pjip! Our apartment was right on the Amstel River right next to the Amstel Brewery, which was pretty neat.IMG_1292.JPGIMG_1241.jpgDSC_0560.JPGThe food in Amsterdam is probably what shocked me the most. I wasn’t expecting much for some odd reason, but was pleasantly surprised at every restaurant we stopped in. Everything was quite affordable as well. We had Italian, Indian, “American”, and some traditional streetfood, and it was all delicious.DSC_0624.JPGDSC_0622.JPGDSC_0528.JPGOur trip to Amsterdam was unfortunately cut short because I had to work, but we managed to fit quite a bit into our weekend. We visited the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam’s famous art museum), the Van Gogh museum, Vondelpark (the city’s equivilant to Central Park), walked around several neighborhoods, and went to several coffeeshops. And of course we went to the red light district.DSC_0628.JPGDSC_0608.JPGDSC_0677.JPGDaniel and I had only seen a few pictures of the city and we expecting a few beautiful canals, but I don’t think we really understood how beautiful the city really is. Every neighborhood was charming in it’s own unique way and had different things to offer. Amsterdam is like Venice with it’s canals, but to me felt so much less pretentious. Venice can be a bit intimidating and Amsterdam was just so dang inviting and warm. The Dutch people are another wonderful asset to the city. When we spoke English we were greeted with smiles instead of eyerolls and scoffs (what we had been a bit accustomed to in Paris). It pretty much rained the whole time we were there and was pretty blustery and we still enjoyed every minute.

I could go on and on about how awesome Amsterdam is. Seriously. I won’t say anything else except if you ever get the opportunity to go, do it.IMG_1285.jpgIMG_1249.JPGDSC_0602.JPGDSC_0571.JPGDSC_0640.JPGDSC_0509.JPGDSC_0553.JPGDSC_0636.JPGIMG_1289.jpgWe tried to sample as much traditional food as possible! The above picture is raw herring with raw onion and pickles on a bun! We both tried was better than I thought it would be. The picture of the fries was from Vleminckx. A little hole in the wall place that only serves fries. There’s nowhere to sit so people just perch on stoops and curbs. We got the traditional oorlog meaning “war” fries. It comes with peanut sate sauce, mayo, and raw onions. Definitely not first date food. These fries were the best fries I’ve ever had. The sauces were interesting, but the fries definitely stole the show. On our last day in the city we planned to get stroopwafels from a street market, but of course it was closed, so we just picked some up from the supermarket! They were I can only imagine how the fresh ones would taste.IMG_1281.JPGDSC_0597.JPGI also visited two yarn shops whilst there! Duh. I went to Stephen & Penelope in Centraal and Knutselwinkel in Jordaan. Knutselwinkel was more of a crafty art supply store with lots of bits and bobs, but they had a large supply of Scheepjes yarn in just about every colorway imaginable.  I got three skeins of a light blue merino for a future hat. Stephen & Penelope was a yarn lovers paradise. They had a large stock of Madeline Tosh and Quince & Co. I had never seen Quince & Co in an actual shop before so I was very excited to feel all the yarn. I got three skeins of Quince and Co’s Tern in Driftwood, Syrah, and Stonington colorways. And two skeins each of Schoppel’s Relikt in brown and orange to make some fingerless gloves! Both were excellent little shops with friendly staff!IMG_1258.jpgIf I had had the space in my suitcase, I would’ve fed my addiction a little more. Good thing I brought small bags!

I would just like to note that Daniel was more than happy to walk 30 minutes of out of our way to go to these yarn stores and sat in the store while I browsed never once asking when I would be done. He was so patient and sweet it just made my heart burst in mushy love. He’s incredibly supportive and I just had to throw that out there.DSC_0679.JPGDSC_0568.JPGDSC_0637.JPG

Amsterdam, we miss you!


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