Back in the City

So..Daniel and I had to move back to the U.S. of A.

A bit of a bummer, but it was incredible to come back to family and friends we missed dearly. So it wasn’t all bad. I do miss those romantic cobbled streets from time to time though. And those pain au chocolats…oh gosh, I miss those. And baguettes. And the cheese. AND THE WINE!

You get the idea 😉

In a nutshell, we had visa problems and weren’t able to stay in Europe, hence our swift departure.  However, our time in Parisland was so so sweet and neither of us regret a single second of it. The best part of the whole experience was sharing it with someone I love. Now whenever I have to go back for work I can walk the streets and remember Daniel and I sharing a baguette walking home from his office.

We are back living in our Brooklyn. We’ve moved into our first OHficial apartment (both our names are on the lease!), bought furniture together, and Daniel ended up getting a promotion. Lots of adulting happening here, folks!

I’m eager to explore our new hood and share it with you. I’m also stoked to start cooking some of my native NC dishes, and post more of my knitting projects. Exciting things are a comin’!


First picture in our new place.

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