Okay so this is from this Summer..but I had some hard drive troubles and wasn’t able to obtain many of the pictures from my trip but here it finally is!


Every weekend I go somewhere more and more beautiful. This weekend Caitlin, Ben and I ventured to Lake Como, a glacier lake about 30 minutes north of Milan. The lake is the third largest in Italy, and situated between snowcapped mountains. George Clooney has a house there I hear 😉

The day was amazing, but started with a few mishaps. We planned to meet at Centrale Station at 7:50 because our train left at 8:10. I am literally two stops away on the subway so I gave myself thirty minutes to get there. I could probably walk there in 20. I get to the subway station and the train didn’t come and didn’t come and by the time I got to Centrale it was 8:03 and I’m running my butt off trying to meet them on the train. I literally run up 8 flights of stairs and then Caitlin calls and says our train is canceled. After being yelled at by customer service Caitlin, Ben and I meet up and decide to get a number to wait in line at the ticket office to ask if we can just take a later train. We talk to the “nice” lady at the ticket desk and she says that the train is actually delayed and leaving at 8:30. It’s 8:32 and we’re telling her it already left and asking if we have time to make it and she replys with “I don’t know!”. We book it upstairs to the train platform, see the train, are within 2 feet of the train when the doors shut and it goes off. We go back to customer service to be yelled at to go to platform 7 the train is delayed! Well we were just there and saw it chug off. But the man couldn’t speak English very well and thought if he yelled things we would suddenly understand. So we push past him and ask a lady in the back what to do because the delayed train already left and she finally explains, NOT YELLS, that we have to take the train at platform 4 and then get off at Manza and then transfer to the train to Como. We get on the train, get off at Manza and have no clue which train to take. All the trains are named with the last destination and none of them are Como or tell where they stop along the way, OH and no one works at the station. So we literally look at the board and see one that looks “familiar”. It pulls up and we almost get on when I see a train worker, run my butt off screaming “DOES THIS GO TO COMO DOES THIS TRAIN GO TO COMO?!”. He says no, writes down the name of the train, tells us the platform and what time the train comes. FINALLY someone is nice to us. Customer service isn’t really a thing here, I’ve noticed. We wait, get on the train, and make it to Como by 12:30, three hours after we were initially supposed to get there. It was a very intense morning.

We get off the train, walk to the lake, and oh my god, it is breath taking, and suddenly the craziness of the morning was totally worth it.DSC_0634The southern end of the lake is unswimmable due to pollution, so we journeyed north! Unfortunately the way to get from one end to the other of the island is either through car (which we didn’t have) or the ferry. We took the ferry and it took us 2 hours to get from the southern most part of the lake to the halfway point. It was unbearably hot the entire ride and we were all starving, but the views were incredible. DSC_0647DSC_0668DSC_0662DSC_0679DSC_0664DSC_0675We got off at the stop Lenno and grabbed some lunch and headed to the beach. We ate lunch facing the lake and it was so surreal the entire time. Pictures do not do this place justice AT ALL. This has to be one of my top 3 most amazingly beautiful places I have ever had the privilege to visit.

Also, the ferry was basically 80% elderly tourists. Okay enough chatter..I’ll just get to the pictures and what not.

DSC_0643 I did some research ahead of time to see which beaches were the best and after hours of digging I found a beach that supposedly the locals went to. So I convinced my companions to head there. It took some time and a bit of panic, but we FINALLY were at the beachhhhh. So this beach isn’t a real beach, it was basically a manmade beach club right on the water that you pay like 5 euros for the day, but we somehow managed to slip past when no one was at the entrance so we got in for free. DSC_0749DSC_0690DSC_0723DSC_0694DSC_0757DSC_0719DSC_0742DSC_0683DSC_0707DSC_0671DSC_0731


If you ever, EVER have the opportunity to go to Lake Como…DO IT. It is so beautiful it is beyond words.






IMG_4082Last weekend I had a my first job whilst overseas and it was in Cannes, France. Chopard, a Swiss jewelry and watch brand, is a sponsor of the festival and every year they do a runway show to show off the jewels, hence my reason for being there. Fortunately, Caitlin was also doing the job, so I had a job buddy. It was a four hour drive from Milan and incredibly scenic! About half of the drive was along the Italian coast. The water is literally turquoise. Not clear, the most brilliant shade of turquoise EVER.

We had only one morning of free time while there, but Caitlin and I tried to make the most of our rainy day in Cannes. Yes, it rained all day, and I even haggled with a street umbrella salesman in French. SO. PROUD. Deux parapluies pour €10. BAM. And they’re pretty decent umbrellas too.

We took a taxi into town and walked around the festival for a bit. We didn’t see any celebs because it was still quite early and I’m sure they were all sleeping off their party hangovers from the night before. Ha! DSC_0405But man, was it crowded. We even saw the red carpet. It was INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL. was just a red carpet, literally. But still pretty cool, I suppose 🙂DSC_0407

Then we walked along one of the wonderful, deserted beaches. It was nice having the place all to ourselves..made it less intimidating for selfies :p DSC_0398DSC_0412image-238I really wish we could’ve seen the town on a beautiful sunny day because even in the dreary rain it was lovely. It was so windy we almost got blown into the Mediterranean. image-237image-232DSC_0427DSC_0410DSC_0426Cannes is so wonderful because it looks like Paris, but it’s next to the sea. It has the charm of a big city and a small town. We ate an early lunch on a cute side street we happened on. We found a cute French cafe, sat out in the rain, and drank wine. Wine comes free with most meals. Crazy right? Oh, but water doesn’t. That’s because everyone in Europe drinks bottled water, which makes me think Brita should start some crazy marketing out here. image-233

This is my Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby pose.



We didn’t have long to see Cannes, but we made the most of it and loved every single minute. I hope I get to go back one day.


Au revoir!


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I’m not sure if I told anyone on here or not, but I’m in Milan! I’m here for work for about a month, then onto Paris and London. I haven’t updated the blog in a REALLY long time (I’m ashamed), but to be truly honest I was so freaking busy and stressed out I just couldn’t make time. Not that I’m here though, I have time! The past two weeks have consisted of packing, cleaning, and I even went home to North Carolina for Mother’s Day weekend, which was THE BEST. /IMG_3834

I’ll start there. On Thursday I secretly took the train home (yes, 10 hours worth of train) to surprise my sweet mother for Mother’s Day weekend. And I just wanted to see her and my entire family and my home. The day before I left I realized I didn’t have a gift of any sorts for her. To be frank, I didn’t think I was going to get to go home. So I delved into my yarn stash to see what I could make within the ten hour train ride. I considered fingerless mitts, a coffee mug cozy, and some bunting, but finally set my heart on the Swan’s Island Sasha Cowl. I was given the amazing yarn through the NYC Yarn Crawl with the basket I won as well as the pattern. I had always thought it was cabling, but then realized it’s just lace (which i can actually do!) Here’s a very blurry picture of the train’s hard to take a picture in a moving train I’ve learnt.IMG_3774And my mom loved it! It was a very easy and fast knit. Turned out beautiful, possibly my favorite make to date. I knew I’d finish it pretty fast so as a treat to myself I bought a skein of Koigu in a  color way I’d been eyeing for a while. It’s so colorful, bright and happy! Who wouldn’t love it?!


I love the fact that it looks like colorful spaghetti!!!


Makes the most lovely hexipuffs, doesn’t it? I almost have 20 hexipuffs! YEAH ONLY A BILLION TO GO!

Okay so when I got home my sister picked me up from the train station and we surprised my mom in the parking lot of Chick-fila. Hahaha we had to do it somewhere! She was so happy and surprised and it just totally made the 10 hour train ride worth every second. I hadn’t seen any of my family since Christmas so it was just the most wonderful time being home. The next day my mom, and sister, and I spent the entire day together at a train station turned plant nursery and shopping at the mall.IMG_3852




I just feel like this picture below is so standard for anyone who lives in the South. Everyone has several pictures where they are holding a styrofoam cup. Why? Because all the hotdog/burger joints use them. And they’re always filled with sweet tea, but I’m weird and don’t like ice tea..I know, I’m not Southern. HA!IMG_3860

Here I am watering my mom’s glorious garden! It’s so big and wonderful. I’m so jealous. I wish I could dig my hands in the dirt and have pretty flowers to take care of. It was so wonderful feeling wet dirts in between my toes and taking care of mother earth!!IMG_3874

My best friend and I also went strawberry picking!!! She’s the best person I know, seriously. Fun fact..we have the same first and middle name! How crazy is that? She’s the only person I know who I could sit in the middle of a strawberry patch with and just have a conversation about life.




Before I had to go to the airport my whole family and I went to Waffle House and had breakfast..they’re so wonderful. It broke my heart to have to leave 😦



I miss home and everyone who comes along with it. I miss driving and singing birds. I miss sleeping with the window open and fresh air. I miss spring flowers and friendly neighbors. I miss thunderstorms and watching science tv shows with my dad late at night.


I miss home every single day.



New York City has finally gotten into Spring mode. I mean, it was still rainy and cold as the Arctic Tundra yesterday, but today is nothing but sunshine and chirpy birds. I’ve created a little knitting nook in my room near the window, which I keep open as much as possible these days. Want to know one of my favorite smells in the entire Universe? The smell of sun. Sunshine definitely has a smell. You know during those warmer days when you open the window and “that” smell comes through the pane? The smell of fresh air, sunshine, and just general outsideness? THAT is one of my favorite smells. Though, it’s not as strong here in the city, sitting in my little nook i can still get a few wiffs. If I close my eyes it’s almost as if I’m home.


Lately I’ve been missing North Carolina more and more. Probably due to the nice weather. I long for watching thunderstorms on the porch with my dad, sitting in the yard hearing a distant lawnmower, and driving with the windows down. North Carolina, how I miss you. I can’t wait to buy a little homestead in the middle of the country someday.

I’ve been feverishly knitting away on socks for birthdays, past christmases, just because..I’m definitely loving it, but getting a bit drained. I’m not great with all, so creating things in a certain amount of time just spells doom for me. Oh well, at least the people who know and love me expect this. HA!

Perusing at my near and dear yarn shop Downtown Yarns I found the most amazing, beautiful, colorful sock yarn. It’s Colinette, Jitterbug sock yarn in Red Parrot color way. I’m obsessed. The more I knit the more excited I am to see the colors come together. What color’s next? How will those two look next to each other? I love it! Knitting is very, “live on the edge” as you can see.


My camera was out on loan for about a week, so these first photos were taken with my phone, as I couldn’t wait to capture the wonderfulness that is this yarn.Image

I mean look at that beautiful cuff!!!!! a;lkdja;fldfa;ldkfImage

I even got some knitting done in Central Park yesterday. I worked through the finger numbness!!!

And here is my day today in the nook:


I made some chia pudding today! It’s dessert AND healthy. HELLLOOOOO I needed this in my life. It’s so tasty. I added 1/3 cup ofchia seeds to about a cup of almond milk, a couple squeezes of honey, and a dash of cinnamon. I love sweet cinnamon things.


I’ve also been working on the green tweed socks for my friend Giorgia. LIke I’ve mentioned before these are my first “toe up, two circs” socks. I like the method, however, I think since I’m making them for a friend I need to just do them cuff down. It’s hard when the pattern says, “when the sock reaches the front of your ankle start your increases”. Well that ankle I need isn’t here right now and we don’t have the same size feet. So I think I will start over doing cuff down.


This week was also baking-heavy. I made two pies: one original pecan, and the other coconut pecan. The original was for a friend, so I didn’t get to try it, but man, oh man, was that coconut pecan pie GEWD.


I highly recommend adding coconut to your pecan pies, people! Image

I also got dreads at a shoot this week for Paper magazine. Just wanted to share because when the heck am I ever going to have dreads again?!!!! I think it’s a pretty good look for me, personally. My boyfriend wasn’t so convinced. HA! I’ve been working quite a lot lately. I’m going to Paris and maybe even Germany soon! I’m so excited. I’ll be sure to visit lots of oversea yarn shops. I can’t wait!!!!!!!! I haven’t traveled in a while. I’m going to LA for shoot next week also. It’ll be nice to be around some serious sun.

I hope everyone gets outside and enjoys the weather!!!


Love and snuggles!


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I simply can not believe it. True to what they say, time does fly. I haven’t been the best poster have I? Nope. Not one bit. In fact, I’ve been incredibly busy working (yay!) and then I got lazy. HA! Shocker, right there. So buckle up, and get ready for some majorly past-due posts. 🙂 

While I was still home for New Years I started some cross stitching. The weather was amazing for a few days, so I even go to stitch away in the bright sunlight !



Even found some old wool, courtesy of my grandmother’s attic, that’s from the 70’s. 



Home was amazing, as always. It is very bittersweet each time I have to go, but amazingly sugary sweet each time I get to go back! 

Well it is the last day of the weekend, and once again I feel as if it has eluded me. I still have a long list of things I wish I had gotten done, but oh well. I’m going to enjoy my last remaining hours of weekendery with some crochet and napping. (HA!)

I worked a ton on my Strawberry Patch blanket the past few days and the progress has me incredibly excited! I even went to a knitting group meeting called the Park Slope Knitting Circle (where they also welcome crocheters) and worked up so many circles. I decided to do  a bunch of circles and then attach them all at the same time and not have to concentrate on color combinations too much. 



I love seeing all the colors together! EEEP. Makes my girly heart sing.




Here’s the progress I’ve made so far..which isn’t very much. Since my hiatus from crocheting due to knitting and fashion week and just straight up having little to no time for fiber arts, there isn’t much to show. After I connect all 40 of my circles it’ll be easy breezy from there.


I also bought a wonderful little sugar pumpkin at the Union Square Farmer’s Market to make a pumpkin pie, but then I checked my bank account and realized I was running a tad low in funds and couldn’t really afford to get the rest of the ingredients..whoops. Hopefully the pumpkin pie will come soon!!! Until then it sure does look cute in the window 🙂


And look at these lovely flowers my roommate got us for the apartment!!!!



Can’t wait to show you all more progress!!!!! 🙂 Enjoy the week.