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Okay so this is from this Summer..but I had some hard drive troubles and wasn’t able to obtain many of the pictures from my trip but here it finally is!


Every weekend I go somewhere more and more beautiful. This weekend Caitlin, Ben and I ventured to Lake Como, a glacier lake about 30 minutes north of Milan. The lake is the third largest in Italy, and situated between snowcapped mountains. George Clooney has a house there I hear 😉

The day was amazing, but started with a few mishaps. We planned to meet at Centrale Station at 7:50 because our train left at 8:10. I am literally two stops away on the subway so I gave myself thirty minutes to get there. I could probably walk there in 20. I get to the subway station and the train didn’t come and didn’t come and by the time I got to Centrale it was 8:03 and I’m running my butt off trying to meet them on the train. I literally run up 8 flights of stairs and then Caitlin calls and says our train is canceled. After being yelled at by customer service Caitlin, Ben and I meet up and decide to get a number to wait in line at the ticket office to ask if we can just take a later train. We talk to the “nice” lady at the ticket desk and she says that the train is actually delayed and leaving at 8:30. It’s 8:32 and we’re telling her it already left and asking if we have time to make it and she replys with “I don’t know!”. We book it upstairs to the train platform, see the train, are within 2 feet of the train when the doors shut and it goes off. We go back to customer service to be yelled at to go to platform 7 the train is delayed! Well we were just there and saw it chug off. But the man couldn’t speak English very well and thought if he yelled things we would suddenly understand. So we push past him and ask a lady in the back what to do because the delayed train already left and she finally explains, NOT YELLS, that we have to take the train at platform 4 and then get off at Manza and then transfer to the train to Como. We get on the train, get off at Manza and have no clue which train to take. All the trains are named with the last destination and none of them are Como or tell where they stop along the way, OH and no one works at the station. So we literally look at the board and see one that looks “familiar”. It pulls up and we almost get on when I see a train worker, run my butt off screaming “DOES THIS GO TO COMO DOES THIS TRAIN GO TO COMO?!”. He says no, writes down the name of the train, tells us the platform and what time the train comes. FINALLY someone is nice to us. Customer service isn’t really a thing here, I’ve noticed. We wait, get on the train, and make it to Como by 12:30, three hours after we were initially supposed to get there. It was a very intense morning.

We get off the train, walk to the lake, and oh my god, it is breath taking, and suddenly the craziness of the morning was totally worth it.DSC_0634The southern end of the lake is unswimmable due to pollution, so we journeyed north! Unfortunately the way to get from one end to the other of the island is either through car (which we didn’t have) or the ferry. We took the ferry and it took us 2 hours to get from the southern most part of the lake to the halfway point. It was unbearably hot the entire ride and we were all starving, but the views were incredible. DSC_0647DSC_0668DSC_0662DSC_0679DSC_0664DSC_0675We got off at the stop Lenno and grabbed some lunch and headed to the beach. We ate lunch facing the lake and it was so surreal the entire time. Pictures do not do this place justice AT ALL. This has to be one of my top 3 most amazingly beautiful places I have ever had the privilege to visit.

Also, the ferry was basically 80% elderly tourists. Okay enough chatter..I’ll just get to the pictures and what not.

DSC_0643 I did some research ahead of time to see which beaches were the best and after hours of digging I found a beach that supposedly the locals went to. So I convinced my companions to head there. It took some time and a bit of panic, but we FINALLY were at the beachhhhh. So this beach isn’t a real beach, it was basically a manmade beach club right on the water that you pay like 5 euros for the day, but we somehow managed to slip past when no one was at the entrance so we got in for free. DSC_0749DSC_0690DSC_0723DSC_0694DSC_0757DSC_0719DSC_0742DSC_0683DSC_0707DSC_0671DSC_0731


If you ever, EVER have the opportunity to go to Lake Como…DO IT. It is so beautiful it is beyond words.