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I have way too much yarn. I know crocheters and knitters all agree they can never have “too much” yarn, but the thing is..I do. It’s taken over an entire corner of my New York city (way too small) bedroom. However, i know I can never part with all my squishy balls of color. So what’s a gal to do? Make a scrap blanket.

ImageThis blanket isn’t a typical “scrap-looking” blanket. It’s more of a Use Up As Much Yarn As I Can blanket. I have about 25 balls of Stylecraft dk laying around my apartment so I for sure knew this was the “scrap yarn”. But what pattern? It needs to be easy, and fast, and easy. (ha!) AHA! The granny stripe. Granny stripe rules. It’s a bit more something than just sc’s or dc’s, but it’s not going to involve weaving in a million loose ends and cutting this yarn and that yarn. (Also why I decided to go with a thicker stripe)ImageImageCaked all my yarn. LOVE IT.ImageImageImageI love seeing the bursts of color around my room 🙂ImageImageImageIt has been oh so lovely doing a mindless, colorful, fast-working project. Now I’m off to add more color 🙂 🙂

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There are many days when I crave to do something with my hands, well most days actually. Whether it be knitting, baking, cross stitch..which ever mood strikes me. Today it was baking. I wanted to make something different, not too hard though, a fruit I hadn’t used before, but knew. Ah pears! I love pears. They are an incredibly underrated fruit. Apples get all the fame, while pears sit quietly in the background observing.

I decided on making a galette, a rustic version of a pie. Voila!

ImageHere we go!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageJust wanted to show off my new bowls! ^^ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageI’m so impressed with the way this turned out. Galettes–half the stress of pie. Sursly. I’m on the galette wagon for life. I’ve already have three slices of pie today. THREE! There’s just nothing like being tucked in all cozy under a warm blanket, eating a fresh slice of pie.

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Spring is coming, people. Or at least, I’m hoping and praying it is. I just can’t take anymore of this winter nonsense. Here in The Big Apple it’s been quite dreary and snowy. Snow is so wonderful and beautiful, but when you live in a city where everyone walks, it’s a total nightmare. Not to mention, there’s dog pee and frozen poops EVERYWHERE. ew.

The last two days have been a bit of paradise. It’s been in the upper 40’s, low 50’s. Heavenly! The snow has even started melting. I went for a short walk today around the park near my abode. Just having the sun shine its glorious rays on my face for 15 minutes while the wind nipped at my nose was rejuvenating. The sun has been streaming through my bedroom window making me feel like a new person. I even opened said window and felt the cool breeze whilst knitting. I am so ready for Spring.

ImageImageImageImageImageI feel ya buddy!


I also wanted to say that I’m going to be living in Paris for a couple months! I’ll be living in the next couple weeks. So excited!!!! New yarn shops to explore yeahhhh.

Au revoir!

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In my absence I’ve also done the impossible. I learnt how to knit socks! I KNOW I KNOW! Crazy. But I did indeed, do it. There was many an obscenity said, and lots of youtubery watched, but in the end the sock was conquered, and to be’s really not all that hard.

ImageImageMy beautiful uneven stitches, how I love thee. ImageSparkle yarn is the best kind of yarn, no?ImageImageAnd here are my finished little wooly darlings. For a first attempt of a not exactly experienced knitter, I am darn proud! The heel turn was my favorite exciting! There are minimal mistakes and they are my favorite socks EVER. ImageImageExcuse me while I go live in the socks…

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Pattern used is My Basic Socks by Kit Zerbe on Ravelry.

For a job about a month ago, lucky me, got to go to Mexico for a photoshoot!!!!! I had never been to Mexico and it didn’t disappoint. I flew into Cancun and then myself and another model got to take a tiny baby (very sketchy) plane over to Isla Holbox where we’d be shooting and staying. I was only in Mexico for two days, but even feeling the sun and the sand for two days was better than being in snowy, glum New York.


I even got a bit of knitting done 🙂 🙂ImageImageImageImage

I want to go back already…

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Until next time!

I simply can not believe it. True to what they say, time does fly. I haven’t been the best poster have I? Nope. Not one bit. In fact, I’ve been incredibly busy working (yay!) and then I got lazy. HA! Shocker, right there. So buckle up, and get ready for some majorly past-due posts. 🙂 

While I was still home for New Years I started some cross stitching. The weather was amazing for a few days, so I even go to stitch away in the bright sunlight !



Even found some old wool, courtesy of my grandmother’s attic, that’s from the 70’s. 



Home was amazing, as always. It is very bittersweet each time I have to go, but amazingly sugary sweet each time I get to go back!