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Since last post Daniel and myself have moved into our new apartment, where daily life has settled into a steady rhythm. Daniel started his new job and I’ve started castings and photoshoots, so there’s less adventure walks and tourist destinations, but more daily strolls up and down our bustling street, trips to the market, and lots of pastries.

One thing I love about living here, especially on our street, is the market. Everyday I venture to the fruit stand that sells relatively (all European) local produce and grab my daily fill of veggies and fruits. There really is something about going to the market, and walking languidly through all the produce and taking time to sniff the bottoms of peaches for ripeness, tear off a piece of lettuce for tasting, and sometimes if you’re lucky the seller will give you a cherry or two to try.

Everyone here also is very conscious of waste-they bring their own bags and(or my favorite) baskets, to the market for toting their booty home. It’s very reminiscent of times long past. There’s no flourescent light bulbs, no “booping” sound of the register as it scans the barcode (i’m looking at you walmart), and no freezers. Just wooden stands of nature’s good stuff, and cobblestone streets. On Sunday there’s even traditional dancing in the square.

The market doesn’t just have produce either. There’s the Fromagerie (cheese shop), Poissonnerie (fish monger), and the Boucherie (butcher shop). It’s a very lively scene that unfortunately just can’t be captured by a camera. If you ever find that you are in Paris, do yourself a favor and go to a market. You won’t be sorry.

One other favorite past time of mine (and Daniels!) is the daily visit to the café. After work you can find most Parisians at their favorite local café sipping a café au lait or a cocktail. You’ll also notice that chairs are normally facing outwards toward the street for optimal people watching. Sitting atop the great hill we live at the bottom of, there is a charming square. In the center lies a bubbling fountain with each side of the square facing inwards. Each of those sides houses a different café. That is where you’ll find us for our digestif (alcoholic drink that is consumed before or after a meal to leave just the right end note). Yesterday we even left our phones at the apartment and believe it or not, were forced to talk to each other ;).

Am I being romantic enough about this place? Ha..I know..I got it bad for Paris. ❤

In about a month we will be leaving this apartment and heading towards our more permanent place. We are sad we’re leaving Rue Mouffetard, but our new place is AMAZING. Before we saw it yesterday I was anxious it was going to be a “too good to be true” situation. We’d only seen it online, we got it for a REALLY great price, it’s located in the most sought after neighborhood in all of Paris…so sounded too good to be true. But we walked in and there it was-the nicest apartment we will probably ever live in. We are incredibly lucky and I’m already anticipating our move in! I don’t have any pictures at the moment, but in a month be prepared for an onslaught.

So life these days has been castings, sitting by the open window reading, tea with honey, sweets and more sweets, people watching, jumbled French, soup making…ya know, the good life. I’m feeling very humbled today by this lovely adventure I’ve been dropped in.


This Weeks Updates:

Received this whimsical shot from Marta Bevacqua..I love it because I’m all tangled up in yarn, which isn’t so different from reality.


Books Finished this Week:

Cattle Haul by Jesmyn Ward

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Station Eleven by Emily St, John Mandel

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

Currently Reading:

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Knitting Projects:

So I’ve recently started my Christmas gift knitting, which I’m very excited/freaking out about. 🙂 I’ve also got the Time Traveler striped socks going, the pink, brown, and cream shawl, and a boatload of other works in progress going. U.G.H. I’ve been binge watching The Great British Bakeoff while I knit, so i’m also drawing in some baking inspiration. Can’t wait for a real kitchen!!

And finally..Daniel started his first day of work! Well…officially it was last week but still..proud girlfriend moment.IMG_0306


I hope everyone has a great week! I’m off to the market..

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For a job about a month ago, lucky me, got to go to Mexico for a photoshoot!!!!! I had never been to Mexico and it didn’t disappoint. I flew into Cancun and then myself and another model got to take a tiny baby (very sketchy) plane over to Isla Holbox where we’d be shooting and staying. I was only in Mexico for two days, but even feeling the sun and the sand for two days was better than being in snowy, glum New York.


I even got a bit of knitting done 🙂 🙂ImageImageImageImage

I want to go back already…

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This week I had a great photo shoot for El Cortes Ingles, a wonderful department store located in Spain. The shoot was on location in the MTA museum in Brooklyn. First off, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as an MTA museum. BUT THERE IS! And it’s actually pretty cool. They converted an old station into the museum, and they even have all the old cars from every decade in there. So you can stroll through each decade one car at a time. They even have all of the real ads from each decade still hung in each car. I’m a huge advocate for learning in a fun way so museums, especially this one, is the way to go people!

It was a long day starting at 7 am, but it was super fun and the team was wonderful. We shot in the 70’s car and also did a video so I’m pretty stoked to see the final product.

So for all you beauty junkies out there here’s the makeup look. Everytime I look at this photo I laugh. I think I look so silly trying to take a selfie with my huge camera..but whatever. The look was very simple and natural, with a few gold notes on the eyes and cheeks. He used Stila Liquid Luminizer for this, which is now on my wishlist of beauty products to get.




Also the accessories were very simple and classic. I didn’t get too many pictures because we didn’t have much time. My favorite of the day were thee crystal skull earrings. They were really cute and dainty, but still edgy.



The other model, Yulia (she was from Romania which I thought was really awesome, I mean, you just don’t meet someone from Romania everyday..rambling over) modeling cocktail rings. I like the snake ssss!


And some vintage ads and what not 🙂




I was amazed at all the cigarette ads. It reminded me how much times have changed. Now it’s illegal to advertise cigarettes. Also have of the products in  the ads aren’t even around anymore. Crazy.



Here’s the mood/reference board.


Great shooting day!

Until next time 😉

ALSO German chocolate cake post coming up!

Happy Sunday to everyone and I hope you all had a grand ole weekend! I was a busy busy bee this past Friday through Sunday and it was wonderful! I met my boyfriend’s mother and had two very successful photo shoots.

My boyfriend Daniel’s parents came to visit the city this weekend from San Diego and I got to meet his lovely mother. I think we hit it off pretty well 🙂 We are both goobers. HA! Friday, the four of us, went to a great Moroccan place in Williamsburg called Café Mogador and let me tell you, it was one of the best meals I’ve had in a great while. Everything we had was so delicious!

The scarf in my previous post that I was making her turned out pretty good, but Dan and I decided to not give it to her because it was a bit itchy and short, so I’m happy to have it! Instead she came over tonight, peeked through my yarn stash, and got to pick her own colors. She decided on a lovely blue, and turquoise, and gray multicolor cotton/silk yarn from Japan that I have been dying to use!!! Can’t wait to start that up.


My first shoot on Friday was for Fault magazine and the deep colors of the colors and peeps of orange were so reminiscent of fall. I just love is my favorite of the four seasons and it just made me miss it more!


I lurvvved the nail art!



My second shoot was today, shot all over Jersey City. I love love love it so much over there. It is a short train ride from the city and it is the most quaint and adorable place ever. This shoot was so different from my one on Friday. The clothes were full of color and wacky patterns!


Check out this rad donut bathing suit ^^^^



Both were great and super sweet teams.


I’ve also been hooking up a new project that I just can’t put down. It’s inspired by the “Something Pretty” pattern at Millie Makes. I want to make a pillowcase for my bed just to give it some more pizazz. I’m wanting to connect the squares with a sage green color. I just can’t wait to see how this turns out!!



Until next time!

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