Since last post Daniel and myself have moved into our new apartment, where daily life has settled into a steady rhythm. Daniel started his new job and I’ve started castings and photoshoots, so there’s less adventure walks and tourist destinations, but more daily strolls up and down our bustling street, trips to the market, and lots of pastries.

One thing I love about living here, especially on our street, is the market. Everyday I venture to the fruit stand that sells relatively (all European) local produce and grab my daily fill of veggies and fruits. There really is something about going to the market, and walking languidly through all the produce and taking time to sniff the bottoms of peaches for ripeness, tear off a piece of lettuce for tasting, and sometimes if you’re lucky the seller will give you a cherry or two to try.

Everyone here also is very conscious of waste-they bring their own bags and(or my favorite) baskets, to the market for toting their booty home. It’s very reminiscent of times long past. There’s no flourescent light bulbs, no “booping” sound of the register as it scans the barcode (i’m looking at you walmart), and no freezers. Just wooden stands of nature’s good stuff, and cobblestone streets. On Sunday there’s even traditional dancing in the square.

The market doesn’t just have produce either. There’s the Fromagerie (cheese shop), Poissonnerie (fish monger), and the Boucherie (butcher shop). It’s a very lively scene that unfortunately just can’t be captured by a camera. If you ever find that you are in Paris, do yourself a favor and go to a market. You won’t be sorry.

One other favorite past time of mine (and Daniels!) is the daily visit to the café. After work you can find most Parisians at their favorite local café sipping a café au lait or a cocktail. You’ll also notice that chairs are normally facing outwards toward the street for optimal people watching. Sitting atop the great hill we live at the bottom of, there is a charming square. In the center lies a bubbling fountain with each side of the square facing inwards. Each of those sides houses a different café. That is where you’ll find us for our digestif (alcoholic drink that is consumed before or after a meal to leave just the right end note). Yesterday we even left our phones at the apartment and believe it or not, were forced to talk to each other ;).

Am I being romantic enough about this place? Ha..I know..I got it bad for Paris. ❤

In about a month we will be leaving this apartment and heading towards our more permanent place. We are sad we’re leaving Rue Mouffetard, but our new place is AMAZING. Before we saw it yesterday I was anxious it was going to be a “too good to be true” situation. We’d only seen it online, we got it for a REALLY great price, it’s located in the most sought after neighborhood in all of Paris…so sounded too good to be true. But we walked in and there it was-the nicest apartment we will probably ever live in. We are incredibly lucky and I’m already anticipating our move in! I don’t have any pictures at the moment, but in a month be prepared for an onslaught.

So life these days has been castings, sitting by the open window reading, tea with honey, sweets and more sweets, people watching, jumbled French, soup making…ya know, the good life. I’m feeling very humbled today by this lovely adventure I’ve been dropped in.


This Weeks Updates:

Received this whimsical shot from Marta Bevacqua..I love it because I’m all tangled up in yarn, which isn’t so different from reality.


Books Finished this Week:

Cattle Haul by Jesmyn Ward

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Station Eleven by Emily St, John Mandel

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

Currently Reading:

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Knitting Projects:

So I’ve recently started my Christmas gift knitting, which I’m very excited/freaking out about. 🙂 I’ve also got the Time Traveler striped socks going, the pink, brown, and cream shawl, and a boatload of other works in progress going. U.G.H. I’ve been binge watching The Great British Bakeoff while I knit, so i’m also drawing in some baking inspiration. Can’t wait for a real kitchen!!

And finally..Daniel started his first day of work! Well…officially it was last week but still..proud girlfriend moment.IMG_0306


I hope everyone has a great week! I’m off to the market..

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At the moment, daily life for me consists of waking up, tea and breakfast, castings, and then home I go to do more packing, cleaning, and organizing. If you haven’t heard I am moving again. This will make four moves in less than four years.

Ask anyone who lives in New York, and they will most certainly agree that finding an apartment and moving in New York City is the biggest nightmare EVER. I am not exaggerating, people. For the time being I’m moving in with my boyfriend for a few months until I have enough money to officially move. Most apartments here require first and last months rent, and a security deposit, which amounts to your monthly rent. This is not including paying for movers, and a broker. So by the time you are moved you have spent anywhere from 6,000-10,000 depending on how much your rent is, how much moving costs, and the broker fee you agreed on, which is around 12-15% of your YEARLY rent.

Did I mention my boyfriend has four roommates who are all guys, all of them students? YEAH. So this should be interesting. The next couple weeks will be crunch time for me. Luckily, my wonderful mom is coming to help me move. She’s a saint. Stressed out me is not pretty and somehow she still comes every year to help me move and deals with my ‘tude. Thanks mom!

One of the hardest things about this whole situation is having to decide which stuff goes into storage and which will come with me to the Dude Palace. Obviously, some yarn will have to go into storage 😦 . Also most of my kitchen/baking stuff. Sigh…

Okay enough about moving, I have been on a cooking/baking roll (pun intended?) these days! I’ve made a 5 spice cranberry upside down cake, vegan chocolate chip cookies with sea salt, and attempted to make a pavlova (more on that disaster later). I’ve also been trying out new recipes and cooking out yingyang. I don’t always get pictures of everything. Sometimes I just want to enjoy the process and not have to stop every second and photograph all the steps. Sometimes I just eat the dang thing before I can even think about pictures. Sometimes the outcome just looks so horrendous I don’t even want it documented (pavlova I’m looking at you). That being said, the kitchen makes me feel so contented.

Here’s a peek into my week.DSC_0360DSC_0314DSC_0277DSC_0250Daniel and I are trying to do weekly menus. We’re hoping it will eliminate the whole “it’s 8 o clock, what do you want to eat, I don’t want to cook, let’s just get takeout” situation. The good news is I love looking at recipes. I love looking through cook books, I love trying new things, so this will be pretty easy, me thinks. Or at least, I hope so. DSC_0354DSC_0292DSC_0380DSC_0373DSC_0313DSC_0273Yesterday I made Danny lunch and brought it to him. It was spectacular weather, so we sat on his office roof and ate up some Greek style pork chops, and Israeli salad. I also brought the vegan chocolate chip cookies with sea salt, and some garlic hummus. SO GOOD, PEOPLE! It was such a wonderful treat to get to have lunch together. DSC_0332photo-30DSC_0303DSC_0324DSC_0348DSC_0312DSC_0238Daniel and I also had a rainy day adventure this weekend. We ate breakfast at the smallest Jewish diner you ever did see, we walked all the way cross town and had coffee and hot chocolate on the Highline, walked through Washington Square Park, and then came home to warm snuggly blankets, and hot soup with sandwiches for lunch. image-274photo-31I finished a book also! I finally finished All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr and I must say, I loved reading this book. You know when you come across a book you love reading so much that you don’t ever want it to end. This was that book for me. Such a spectacular read!

This week has been hectic, but also so so sweet.

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In honor of Spring’s first day I’ve been doing some spring cleaning this week, and as always it seems, things have to get messier in order to get cleaner. My room has been an absolute disaster but I think I’ve finally conquered the beast. It feels really good to be sitting in a clean room, with the windows flung open, knitting away.

ImageOf course it won’t stay clean for never does. Sigh..I also was able to hang up some artwork in my room finally. I’ve been living here almost 6 months, and I’ve just now gotten around to it. Now, it’s home.

A bit of good news is that I’ve finished the socks I was knitting for my dear friend, Giorgia. I was so excited/anxious to give them to her that I forgot to get a snap of the finished product, but she was kind enough to send me a picture of them last night. ImageI’ve begun working on her second pair, which is the same knitpicks yarn, just a different color. I’m also doing this pair, toe up, on a pair of circular needles. Exciting! However, it wasn’t a very happy start. Going in I thought toe up on circs would be A LOT easier. I ripped out  and started over at least 10 times. BUT I have gotten the hang of it at last! Did I mention I loOOOVE this color?! The green is so beautiful. In some light it looks black, some green, some blue. In the sun it is a beautiful emerald.ImageSee?!! SAME YARN!! Totally different. LAHVES it. ImageImageImageAll the toe up patterns i had been reading were incredibly vague when it came to the increasing part. None specified which way to increase. I suppose that’s because everyone has different, and preferable methods to do this, but I don’t do increases too often so I was pretty clueless. The ones I did find all said to do M1L or M1R (make one left slanting, make one right slanting). So I youtubed, and figured them out, but I always ended up with huge holes in my work. Anyone know why this is? I was picking up the correct bar. I dunno any who..I figured out that K1tb (knit one and knit one through the back) works just dandy for me. So voila! Here is the toe. This method sure does feel like it takes a lot longer than dpns. Maybe I’ve just gotten quite good on dpn’s :p. I’m hoping now that I’ve gotten to the instep part it will go pretty fast.

I made some buttermilk biscuits a couple days ago. Having attempted this feat once before, I was a bit nervous. My first time making them they were terrible. Absolutely disgusting, and coming from the south I felt as if I had disappointed all southern cooks. But I was determined this time. They turned out absolutely wonderful! I wish I would’ve baked them for a couple minutes longer, but they still tasted of home.

Image ImageThey definitely hit the spot. You might be thinking “aren’t biscuits round?”. Yes, most times, but the problem when you do that is you have leftover dough and when you squish it together to make the last couple biscuits, they are always tougher and never as good as the first rounders, so the solution to this problem is square biscuits. That way they are all tender and amazing. I just used the side of a metal spatula to cut them.


I’m going to go continue work on the toe up socks for Giorgia, sit by my open window, and listen to some good tunes. Everyone enjoy your weekend. The weather is going to be phenomenal. I can’t wait!

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Sunny days are ahead. It’s supposed to snow this Thursday, but I’m just going to ignore that fact. This weekend has been full of vitamin D and outside time. I love sitting in my room with the window open hearing the birds chirping, rare as those birds might be in New York.ImageI’ve just been a lazy lump this week. Didn’t get much of anything done. I did make some cheese scones, which turned out amazing. I also got my hair dyed! I love it. I think I look like a vampire..sppooookkkyy!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageHope everyone has had a most sunny week/weekend. I am promising myself right now that I’ll get more fiber arts done this week. No more excuses, Vic.

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There are many days when I crave to do something with my hands, well most days actually. Whether it be knitting, baking, cross stitch..which ever mood strikes me. Today it was baking. I wanted to make something different, not too hard though, a fruit I hadn’t used before, but knew. Ah pears! I love pears. They are an incredibly underrated fruit. Apples get all the fame, while pears sit quietly in the background observing.

I decided on making a galette, a rustic version of a pie. Voila!

ImageHere we go!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageJust wanted to show off my new bowls! ^^ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageI’m so impressed with the way this turned out. Galettes–half the stress of pie. Sursly. I’m on the galette wagon for life. I’ve already have three slices of pie today. THREE! There’s just nothing like being tucked in all cozy under a warm blanket, eating a fresh slice of pie.

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I’m always very fascinated to hear the different traditions of families on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. Who’s house they go to on what day, what they eat, what they do. On Christmas Eve we always head up to my grandmother’s house for a nightly dinner of grazing on snacks and present opening.

ImageOne of my favorite Christmas treats are the homemade cheese straws my grandma makes. So good! She makes hers into flower I suppose they’re more like Ha!

ImageLook at this divine tree my cousin decorated for my grandma! We all think she should be an interior decorator. I mean..helllooo this thing should be in Better Homes and Gardens. And she said she got most of the ornaments at the Dollar Store!


ImageHere’s the whole family!

ImageDaniel after opening his stocking. I think I was more excited than he was. HA!

ImageAs you can see below my mom is one of those people who can wrap gifts in less than a minute and they still looking amazing.


ImageHere’s everyone wearing their handmade gifts from me!!




ImageI also made a Christmas Day cranberry pie. My sister gave me a pie bird and some pie weights, and my mom and dad gave me a new pie dish so I just HAD to use them right away! By the way a pie bird is used for pie with double crusts or a top and bottom crust. It helps the steam escape to prevent a soggy crust and a runny filling.





ImageSooo yummy! I also tried a vodka pie crust for the first time. I’ve always made the traditional all butter crust. When looking up a recipe I could only find the one vodka pie crust from Cook’s Illustrated and it calls for shortening. Well..I didn’t have any so I just made my usual all butter crust and then substituted some of my water for vodka and it turned out just fine. Will be using this again!

Apparently I’m a messy baker…i.e. the evidence below. Hehehe :p


From my family to yours, we hope you had a wonderful and merry Christmas!




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