Cannes, France

IMG_4082Last weekend I had a my first job whilst overseas and it was in Cannes, France. Chopard, a Swiss jewelry and watch brand, is a sponsor of the festival and every year they do a runway show to show off the jewels, hence my reason for being there. Fortunately, Caitlin was also doing the job, so I had a job buddy. It was a four hour drive from Milan and incredibly scenic! About half of the drive was along the Italian coast. The water is literally turquoise. Not clear, the most brilliant shade of turquoise EVER.

We had only one morning of free time while there, but Caitlin and I tried to make the most of our rainy day in Cannes. Yes, it rained all day, and I even haggled with a street umbrella salesman in French. SO. PROUD. Deux parapluies pour €10. BAM. And they’re pretty decent umbrellas too.

We took a taxi into town and walked around the festival for a bit. We didn’t see any celebs because it was still quite early and I’m sure they were all sleeping off their party hangovers from the night before. Ha! DSC_0405But man, was it crowded. We even saw the red carpet. It was INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL. was just a red carpet, literally. But still pretty cool, I suppose 🙂DSC_0407

Then we walked along one of the wonderful, deserted beaches. It was nice having the place all to ourselves..made it less intimidating for selfies :p DSC_0398DSC_0412image-238I really wish we could’ve seen the town on a beautiful sunny day because even in the dreary rain it was lovely. It was so windy we almost got blown into the Mediterranean. image-237image-232DSC_0427DSC_0410DSC_0426Cannes is so wonderful because it looks like Paris, but it’s next to the sea. It has the charm of a big city and a small town. We ate an early lunch on a cute side street we happened on. We found a cute French cafe, sat out in the rain, and drank wine. Wine comes free with most meals. Crazy right? Oh, but water doesn’t. That’s because everyone in Europe drinks bottled water, which makes me think Brita should start some crazy marketing out here. image-233

This is my Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby pose.



We didn’t have long to see Cannes, but we made the most of it and loved every single minute. I hope I get to go back one day.


Au revoir!


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  1. Wow, that looks so amazing! I’ve never visited Cannes, but Paris by the sea sounds pretty much perfect to me 🙂

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