Milan has been treating me well thus far. The flight over wasn’t bad, the weather’s been wonderful, and the model apartment is great!! This month long stay is off to a great start, my friends. Today is my first day off since arriving so I’ll be spending the day eating gelato, taking in some sights, and some meandering the streets. I can’t wait!!

I’m living in a model’s apartment whilst here, which is basically an apartment an agency owns that girls can stay in while they are traveling or staying in a country that is not their own. Some are nice, some are terrible, some you get your own bedroom, some you do not. This particular apartment is very very nice, huge in fact, but I am sharing a bedroom dorm style. I has one single bed, and a bunk bed. My roommate has the single bed and I have the bottom bunk which is just fine with me because I made myself a little bed fort.IMG_3969They won’t let us tack anything or tape anything to the walls, so I had to get a little crafty with all the photos I brought from home. I stuck them in the slats of the bed above me, so whenever I’m in bed all I have to do is look up and there’s my beloved memories!IMG_3970My first day of castings here was intense. I wore brand new sandals (HUGE mistake) and leather pants (minor mistake), and ended up sweaty and with blisters and sores all over my poor feet. I ended up doing the math and I walked over 14 miles or 23 km. I am not kidding. I think I could survive a post apocalyptic event after having survived that, all while carrying a 15 pound bag and no water or food!

I did, however, get a feel for Milano, and saw some beautiful streets. This one in particular had a canal running alongside it and was lined with older buildings.IMG_3979I even ran across a building with an elevator that had a full blown couch in it!!!!! IMG_4018I think the above picture says “Come sit with me on my luxurious velveteen couch, you fool!” in a 20’s movie accent. IMG_4016Yesterday was a much better day as I didn’t have to walk very much, but unfortunately my poor feet were incredibly tender so I had to walk very slowly. I did make myself a nice breakfast burrito for brekky though! And I started to actually knit something, the first time I’ve knit anything since arriving.IMG_4013I’m making myself a pair of mittens with this Purl Soho merino twist yarn I received with the raffle basket I won for the NYC Yarn Crawl. It’s  incredibly soft and easy to work with. I’m absolutely loving it…I just wish it wasn’t so darn expensive!IMG_4037IMG_4046The apartment has a wonderful little balcony that I loved sitting on and working away with my needles and yarn!

And of course a trip to Italy is nothing without high quantities of gelato!!! Just go ahead and prepare yourself for lots of upcoming gelato porn. This one was vanilla with swirls of nutella! Swoon..


I’m hoping to see some sights and doing lots of knitting today, so I will have more loveliness to show next time!!!





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