A Big Thank You

Let me begin by saying that I love finding furniture on the street. I feel a tugging at my heartstrings whenever I see a deserted table, chair, or dresser. Every piece of furniture in my bedroom aside from the bed and mattress are street finds. Sometimes they come back to bite me in the butt (see last post about my decrepit dresser) and other times they do me good.

Two of the best finds I ever found were little yellow table and beat up chair. Both are essential in my daily knitting and crochet routine as they are the main components in my Nook. DSC_0282

I found beat up chair when I first moved to New York City. I used to live on the Upper West Side near a lot of well off families and you just wouldn’t believe the stuff they’d throw away. I remember hauling home and getting to the front of my building when a girl came out and said “Street find?”..”Yep.” “AWESOME! That’s an amazing chair. I’m jealous”. That was the moment I was immediately hooked on finding treasures among the thrown out.

Little yellow table was found on my way home about a year ago. I just thought the color was really nice, scooped it up, and home it came. It sat in my other apartment unused for months. Then, here it finally found a real use.


I’m very sentimental over these two bits of wonky wood. The chair creaks and the table is wobbly, but they’ve always been there at the end of a hard day and they’ve always done their job; something that can be hard to come by these days.


I’m so addicted to making hexipuffs, people. I just can’t stop. At first I was kinda wary of them. I wasn’t quite sure if I liked making them, but now I have them down. I carry a gallon size ziplock bag with me wherever I go filled with a ball of sock yarn, a few needles, a crochet hook for picking up dropped stitches and 3 needle bind off, fluff, scissors and a tapestry needle. It is the most satisfying feeling ever when you finish a new puff and drop it in with the rest. SO. good.

Those three yarns in the top picture are the ones I’m using for the hexipuffs so far. The two smaller balls on the right are Koigu KPPM. I like  this yarn, but never buy it because I think it’s WAYYY too expensive. It’s $14-15 for 175 yards. I could buy hand painted super wash merino sock yarn for $20ish dollars on Etsy for over 400 yards and support an indie dyer. Maybe I’m just cheap. HA. Anywho, tangent over, the two I have I bought only because they were on sale at Purl Soho since the colors had been discontinued. They were $9 each and decided to give them a go. DSC_0274

For now I’m keeping my puffs in this nifty jar my mom got me for Christmas. I have three of them in various sizes and they’re made specially for storing yarn, needles, and projects. There’s even a hole in the lid so you can use it as a yarn bowl type thing. Love them!/DSC_0284

Now up to 8 hexipuffs! YEYUH.

Sorry for not being sorry about all the mess in my pictures. I’m messy, ya know? I’m a bit of a slob. But who isn’t sometimes.

On another note, I just wanted to say thank you to anyone and everyone who reads my blog, follows me on instagram, or supports my fiber arts adventures in any way. Sometimes my job requires me to act like someone totally different than what I am. I often have to act “cool” or “edgy” when in fact I am not that at all, but here on my blog and Instagram I am able to express who I am in all my yarnness and know that no one is going to tell me to not be so dorky. This blog makes me happy and many days knitting and crochet is the reason I am excited to wake up in the morning. I appreciate hearing from anyone who reads my blog and my day is usually made by a sweet reader who leaves a nice comment. I am constantly surprised and touched by how supportive the fiber arts community is.Thank you everyone! You guys rock!

This post is a big thank you to great people, little yellow table, and beat up chair. Thanks for the support!


Happy weekend!

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