The Days Are Getting Longer

The days are getting longer and the nights shorter. I’m so glad it’s finally happening. Night is great and all, but a gal needs to feel some sun on her skin. Can I get an AMEN?! As I was doing some spring cleaning I came across all my daisy dukes, ripped up shorts, and adventuring shorts. I can not wait to break these babies out. I’m itching to be outside, be with friends, and make some memories.


I’m making a personal goal for myself: don’t be such a lazy sloth, and get out there and actually do stuff!!!!!! It gets so hot here in the summer, and no one drives, so walking around and going outside can be a drag and a real struggle sometimes. HOWEVER, I just need to do it. I also came across a shoebox filled with polaroids I’ve taken from 2011-onwards. It’s so wonderful to relive great memories with amazing people. I decided to take them out of hiding and put them up on the walls in my room. It’s a great daily reminder of lovely times.




I started a pair of socks for myself this week…no I’m not done with Giorgia’s blue socks yet, BUT I just had to start them. I mean, the yarn is the most beautiful color, and so soft too!



I did some reorganizing of the craft nook as well. Looks a lot better, eh? Even bought some pretty blooms to brighten up the space :



I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! I had a rooftop picnic and egg-dying session with Giorgia. Mr. Sun was out, not a cloud in sight, and the roof all to ourselves! She’s from Italy and apparently egg-dying isn’t a thing there, so it was her first time! Hooray! I love being with someone the first time they do an amazingly fun holiday oriented thing!




Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Week and Happy Day!


I’m on instagram!!!! @themenagerie


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