I finished them! I finished them!!!! The rainbow, colorific, amazing socks, that is. ImageImage

I followed the sock pattern on the Colinette yarn label, and to be honest..I’m not so sure I like it. I’m even considering ripping it all out to the heel flaps and redoing. I wanted the socks to fit a size 8 foot, and to me that’s a medium sized foot. So I cast on the med size and the heels are huge and slip off and the ankles are insanely loose..I just don’t like it. But they’re done for now, and I just had to showcase them!


But, oh how I love the yarn and it’s magnificent colors! This yarn was a dream to work with. I just adored seeing how the colors came together and worked up. I will definitely be using this yarn in the future. I want to try out some of the amazing color ways on the website!


I just wanted to show them off for now!! I’ll probably be redoing the heels in the near future before I gift them away.


Happy Spring!


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