Spring Cleaning

In honor of Spring’s first day I’ve been doing some spring cleaning this week, and as always it seems, things have to get messier in order to get cleaner. My room has been an absolute disaster but I think I’ve finally conquered the beast. It feels really good to be sitting in a clean room, with the windows flung open, knitting away.

ImageOf course it won’t stay clean for long..it never does. Sigh..I also was able to hang up some artwork in my room finally. I’ve been living here almost 6 months, and I’ve just now gotten around to it. Now, it’s home.

A bit of good news is that I’ve finished the socks I was knitting for my dear friend, Giorgia. I was so excited/anxious to give them to her that I forgot to get a snap of the finished product, but she was kind enough to send me a picture of them last night. ImageI’ve begun working on her second pair, which is the same knitpicks yarn, just a different color. I’m also doing this pair, toe up, on a pair of circular needles. Exciting! However, it wasn’t a very happy start. Going in I thought toe up on circs would be A LOT easier. I ripped out  and started over at least 10 times. BUT I have gotten the hang of it at last! Did I mention I loOOOVE this color?! The green is so beautiful. In some light it looks black, some green, some blue. In the sun it is a beautiful emerald.ImageSee?!! SAME YARN!! Totally different. LAHVES it. ImageImageImageAll the toe up patterns i had been reading were incredibly vague when it came to the increasing part. None specified which way to increase. I suppose that’s because everyone has different, and preferable methods to do this, but I don’t do increases too often so I was pretty clueless. The ones I did find all said to do M1L or M1R (make one left slanting, make one right slanting). So I youtubed, and figured them out, but I always ended up with huge holes in my work. Anyone know why this is? I was picking up the correct bar. I dunno any who..I figured out that K1tb (knit one and knit one through the back) works just dandy for me. So voila! Here is the toe. This method sure does feel like it takes a lot longer than dpns. Maybe I’ve just gotten quite good on dpn’s :p. I’m hoping now that I’ve gotten to the instep part it will go pretty fast.

I made some buttermilk biscuits a couple days ago. Having attempted this feat once before, I was a bit nervous. My first time making them they were terrible. Absolutely disgusting, and coming from the south I felt as if I had disappointed all southern cooks. But I was determined this time. They turned out absolutely wonderful! I wish I would’ve baked them for a couple minutes longer, but they still tasted of home.

Image ImageThey definitely hit the spot. You might be thinking “aren’t biscuits round?”. Yes, most times, but the problem when you do that is you have leftover dough and when you squish it together to make the last couple biscuits, they are always tougher and never as good as the first rounders, so the solution to this problem is square biscuits. That way they are all tender and amazing. I just used the side of a metal spatula to cut them.


I’m going to go continue work on the toe up socks for Giorgia, sit by my open window, and listen to some good tunes. Everyone enjoy your weekend. The weather is going to be phenomenal. I can’t wait!

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