Cranberry Pear Galette

There are many days when I crave to do something with my hands, well most days actually. Whether it be knitting, baking, cross stitch..which ever mood strikes me. Today it was baking. I wanted to make something different, not too hard though, a fruit I hadn’t used before, but knew. Ah pears! I love pears. They are an incredibly underrated fruit. Apples get all the fame, while pears sit quietly in the background observing.

I decided on making a galette, a rustic version of a pie. Voila!

ImageHere we go!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageJust wanted to show off my new bowls! ^^ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageI’m so impressed with the way this turned out. Galettes–half the stress of pie. Sursly. I’m on the galette wagon for life. I’ve already have three slices of pie today. THREE! There’s just nothing like being tucked in all cozy under a warm blanket, eating a fresh slice of pie.

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