Spring is coming, people. Or at least, I’m hoping and praying it is. I just can’t take anymore of this winter nonsense. Here in The Big Apple it’s been quite dreary and snowy. Snow is so wonderful and beautiful, but when you live in a city where everyone walks, it’s a total nightmare. Not to mention, there’s dog pee and frozen poops EVERYWHERE. ew.

The last two days have been a bit of paradise. It’s been in the upper 40’s, low 50’s. Heavenly! The snow has even started melting. I went for a short walk today around the park near my abode. Just having the sun shine its glorious rays on my face for 15 minutes while the wind nipped at my nose was rejuvenating. The sun has been streaming through my bedroom window making me feel like a new person. I even opened said window and felt the cool breeze whilst knitting. I am so ready for Spring.

ImageImageImageImageImageI feel ya buddy!


I also wanted to say that I’m going to be living in Paris for a couple months! I’ll be living in the next couple weeks. So excited!!!! New yarn shops to explore yeahhhh.

Au revoir!

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