In my absence I’ve also done the impossible. I learnt how to knit socks! I KNOW I KNOW! Crazy. But I did indeed, do it. There was many an obscenity said, and lots of youtubery watched, but in the end the sock was conquered, and to be’s really not all that hard.

ImageImageMy beautiful uneven stitches, how I love thee. ImageSparkle yarn is the best kind of yarn, no?ImageImageAnd here are my finished little wooly darlings. For a first attempt of a not exactly experienced knitter, I am darn proud! The heel turn was my favorite exciting! There are minimal mistakes and they are my favorite socks EVER. ImageImageExcuse me while I go live in the socks…

instagram: themenagerie

personal: vicasaurusrex

Pattern used is My Basic Socks by Kit Zerbe on Ravelry.

  1. These socks are so cute! I wish I was able to do this, I’ve only ever knitted a scarf before 🙂

    • Thanks so much!! I had only knit scarves before also! YouTube is the best resource for learning knitting techniques 🙂

  2. Meena Lee said:

    What yarn is this? The subtle sparkles are pure love. 🙂 please also share your ravelry username with us!

    • I’m not sure the exact name…I’m away from my stash at the moment, but I am almost positive it’s some form of Caron. Also my Ravelry is themenagerie 🙂

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