2013 In Hindsight

2013 (and half of 2012..just going to lump them together) for me was a very transitional year. I moved two separate times to two different neighborhoods in New York (moving in NYC is the most horrific experience EVER), I made many new friends, I changed to a new modeling agency, I lived in Paris for a month, had my heart broken, and found new love and a new outlook on life. Oh and I also started this blog 🙂 I honestly feel as if I’m more confused on where my life is going then ever before, but I feel as though I’ve also gained a new insight into who I am.

One aspect of my job is that I always struggled with was the fact that I always felt as if who I am and what I’m all about was never good enough. I was or never have been “edgy enough”. I’m reserved, very observant, a bit of a homebody, and a crafter, but to the fashion industry they see it as “boring boring and more boring”. Sometimes it breaks my heart that nobody cheers on the model with a good head on her shoulders, who was raised to be kind, classy, and intelligent. I don’t do drugs or go clubbing on the regular. I don’t like going to parties to “hang” with celebrities and Rihanna’s not my best friend. But am I good at my job? You’re damn sure I am. I never show up to shoots late or hungover (which I’ve seen more times than I can count). I’m professional, but many times that doesn’t really matter. I’m not loud and obnoxious so sometimes I go unnoticed. So that brings me to my point, that a resolution I have for the upcoming year is to not get down on myself when the industry does. I am who I am, and that can not be changed, nor do I want it to! I think I’m super snazzy and anyone who doesn’t think so is free to never see me again 🙂

ME: Super snazzy, craft lover, puppy snuggler, forest trekker, thrifty hunter, treasure seeker, crocheter/knitter, pie enthusiast, book adorer, down home North Carolina girl.

ImageDue to all those times I moved I didn’t get very much crochet done this year, or at least as much as I would’ve like. I started WAYYY too many projects and never finished like..any of them. HA! I’m definitely going to try to crochet and knit more this year, and for sure finish all those wip’s!!!! I also want to learn to knit socks, tunisian crochet, and just more knitting techniques. I want to be more on top of holidays and occasions, so I can actually make people things on time! I can DO IT!

Alrighty now that that business is taken care of I’ll show you some pictures of the strawberry patch blanket strewn about. The progress on this thing is going slow as molasses. I don’t know how those ladies on instagram crank them out in like..a week. DO THEY NOT REST? DO THEIR HANDS NOT HURT? I mean seriously. Anywho, not to get discouraged..here it is 🙂

It looked so beautiful piled on my bed with the sunlight streaming in.

ImageI took it out in the yard to get a proper progress picture and I just hand to show a close up


ImageIt doesn’t look big but it is. It’s gotten to the wonderful point of being able to be used as a blanket while I make it.



ImageThe other night mom and I went to see my grandmother and while routing around in her attic I came across a bag of old wool yarn. We looked at a receipt in the bag and found that my GREAT grandmother bought all the wool. She was a crocheter much like myself :). Maw Maw (my g-ma) said I could have it so I merrily took all the old luscious wool home with me. I’ll probably leave it here in NC so I’ll have some yarn to play with while I’m here and also I’ve obtained so much through Christmas and my birthday I don’t know how I’ll ever get it all back to New York, nor where I would store it!!!

ImageThat lovely green wool on the bottom is my favorite. The color is just so beautiful.

OH and another treat, I’ve run across both my first ever piece of crochet and knitting! When I decided to delve into fiber arts about 2-3 years ago I started with knitting..I thought it’d be easier for some reason. I only got good enough to make one thing and knit stitch scarf..and here it is!!

ImageThere are many many dropped stitches and weird crossovers and mistakes but I love looking at it because now I can knit without dropping stitches left and right..AND it’s something I enjoy! Rewind, so I decided I hated knitting and decided to give crocheting a go. I sat on my bed and watched and rewatched and watched a video tutorial on how to make a granny square. I did not learn how to chain, I did not learn single crochets, and I didn’t not learn how to double crochet first. I literally started with a granny square.

ImageI remember I even brought it down to dinner with me. I stared and admired it the whole meal. Ever since then I’ve been hooked (pun intended) on crochet. Whenever I come home I like to look at this wonky granny square and reflect on how much I’ve improved and how different my life was when it was made.

I think 2014 will be a truly magnificent year!

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  1. J said:

    Well done for jumping in with a granny square off the bat! I started with a mitten and only got one done, there’s no matching mitten for it and I haven’t changed that even now that I am a lot better at it. I just like to look at the lonely little mitten as a relic that reminds me of how far I’ve come as well, funny how little things can do that!

    Your strawberry patch blanket is looking lovely! I love when they get big enough to snuggle under while you’re working on it. And yes, how do those Instagram ladies finish blankets in a week???

    – J

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