Merry Christmas to ALLLLLL! Part 1

I hope everyone had a most festive, and family-filled Christmas! Boy, oh boy, I love Christmas. This year was especially wonderful because it was my lovely boyfriend’s first time celebrating. It just made the holiday that much more special with him here. I even made him his own stocking. Never having made a sock (knitted or crocheted) I was super out of my element. I also didn’t have an actual pattern either..I had one as a guideline, but all the stitches, numbers, and the gauge were totally different and well, though it did not turn out “perfect” the stocking is wonderfully nonperfect in my eyes.


ImageThere it is in the middle..not the most attractive of stockings, but I love it and my boyfriend loved it too!!! And that’s what matters most. Harumph. The instep gave me the most trouble. It also got me very interested in sock making. I’ve been wanting to learn how to knit socks, but everytime I do delve into research I get incredibly intimidated by all the technicalities and terms. Also there are just so many different ways!! Toe up, after thought heel, cuff down, this and that!!! I was also quite impressed with myself that I was able to crank it out in less than 2 hours.

Onward. I made everyone a handmade gift this year. Whether it be crochet or knitted or what have you. Everyone got a knitted beanie, except my mom and grandmother. They got stocknitte scarves, which turned out amazingly. Honestly, I can’t believe I pulled off a handmade Christmas. There were some intense moments of panic for a while there. Nevertheless, I pulled it out. GO ME!

Thank goodness my parents agreed not to put the ornaments on the tree until I got home. I love decorating the tree 🙂 We are real tree folks allll the way, for those of you who were wondering. No plastic trees here!



ImageA few of my favorite ornaments.. ((((:



ImageMy mom made this ornament probably around the time my sister was born (around 33 years ago!!!). There’s no telling how many Christmas memories this ornament has seen.

ImageI even attempted to wrap all my presents in a cutesy manner. I’m absolutely dreadful at wrapping presents. I just do not seem to possess the patience for it. But I held strong and tried not to just rip all the paper up as I was going along. Grrrr…I envy those of you out there who can wrap!!!


ImageOn a random note, I’ve been trying my hand at cross stitch lately. It’s an easy concept on paper, but the execution is just a bit harder. Here’s some of my mother’s needlepoint/cross stitch pillows in our house. The butterfly is my favorite 🙂




Just had to share!


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