Merry Christmas to ALLLL! Part 2

I’m always very fascinated to hear the different traditions of families on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. Who’s house they go to on what day, what they eat, what they do. On Christmas Eve we always head up to my grandmother’s house for a nightly dinner of grazing on snacks and present opening.

ImageOne of my favorite Christmas treats are the homemade cheese straws my grandma makes. So good! She makes hers into flower I suppose they’re more like Ha!

ImageLook at this divine tree my cousin decorated for my grandma! We all think she should be an interior decorator. I mean..helllooo this thing should be in Better Homes and Gardens. And she said she got most of the ornaments at the Dollar Store!


ImageHere’s the whole family!

ImageDaniel after opening his stocking. I think I was more excited than he was. HA!

ImageAs you can see below my mom is one of those people who can wrap gifts in less than a minute and they still looking amazing.


ImageHere’s everyone wearing their handmade gifts from me!!




ImageI also made a Christmas Day cranberry pie. My sister gave me a pie bird and some pie weights, and my mom and dad gave me a new pie dish so I just HAD to use them right away! By the way a pie bird is used for pie with double crusts or a top and bottom crust. It helps the steam escape to prevent a soggy crust and a runny filling.





ImageSooo yummy! I also tried a vodka pie crust for the first time. I’ve always made the traditional all butter crust. When looking up a recipe I could only find the one vodka pie crust from Cook’s Illustrated and it calls for shortening. Well..I didn’t have any so I just made my usual all butter crust and then substituted some of my water for vodka and it turned out just fine. Will be using this again!

Apparently I’m a messy baker…i.e. the evidence below. Hehehe :p


From my family to yours, we hope you had a wonderful and merry Christmas!




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