Thrifty Thrifter and A Few Squares

Yesterday I had a casting over in Brooklyn, and since I don’t make it over there too often, I decided to take a stroll through one of my favorite antique/thrift/junk stores. It is in fact, called Junk. Hahaha every time I go in there I think how appropriate it is. The store is a huge mess and mix of treasures and absolute crap. For the most part and in comparison to most antique/thrift stores here in New York, it is priced pretty affordable. The only thing that I know is ALWAYS over priced there is the hanging wall artwork. “Wow this broken frame with nothing in it is pretty cool I’s probably like five bucks…” WRONG it’s $40! Okay, so rant over.

But I did manage to find some treasures. The main reason I went was to find some vintage Pyrex. I’ve tried Goodwill and stores of those sorts, but here in the city they’re so picked over. Just forget about finding anything good. I did find lots of Pyrex, but I thought it was way overpriced and I’m running low on the dough so I just decided to take pictures of all the cute things I found!

They don’t like pictures in the store so excuse the crapola quality of these photos, but I had to be a sneakster and act totally not suspicious.

Love love loved this cute little tea saucer. If you collect plates or tea cups this would be a great addition, but I normally use little dishes like this for cute catch-alls. They’re good for displaying your jewelry, or coin stash. You can even hang them on your wall for cutie wall art.

ImageThis was my favorite Pyrex find of the day. I love the turquoise and white themes of Pyrex the best and the snowflakes were so cute. I thought it was way too expensive, though, especially since I just found a Pyrex bowl (bigger than this) at home for $5.

ImageThis picture doesn’t show it much, but all this pink glass was lit up from the sun. It was so lovely! Wouldn’t it be great to have a kitchen cupboard full of pink?

ImageHere is my favorite print of all..the Butterprint Amish. So cute!!

ImageThis of all was my favorite find of all. I wanted to buy it so badly, but just couldn’t justify it. It’s a huge knitted blanket with cross stitched flowers all over. So much handwork and craftsmanship went into this beautiful blanket.

ImageI just love owls..who doesn’t?!

ImageThis pickle/cucumber plate gave me a good chuckle.


ImageA pink coffee pot! I mean, have YOU ever seen one? Nope didn’t think so.

ImageThis was just simple and beautiful. Most times those are the best finds.

ImageA framed Christmas tree made of old earrings! I loved this. Such a cute idea! I seriously considered buying this, but a few of the baubles had fallen off. Maybe a future diy project…  Also employee started chatting with me just as I was snapping, hence the blurred picture. I had to pretend like I was just texting as I was randomly holding up a picture to the light.. Ha!


ImageI’ve also managed to make time for a few squares lately. I’ve been so boggled down with Christmas presents I haven’t done much else.

Square number 14: Okay so I’m really embarrassed to admit this but, I don’t know where I got this pattern. I’ve looked and looked and I lost it. I started this square before I moved and then got sidetracked, didn’t work on it for a month and then when I picked it back up all I had to do was finished the border. I’m really sorry and that’s definitely not okay, but I’m still in pursuit of this pattern!!

ImageSquare 15: Pretty Petals from 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares. I love the way this turned out, but it was not easy. This pattern is just one giant typo in the book! It started off with me wanting to ch 10 and then 24 single crochet!!! Basically someone just doubled the original amounts because I divided them in half and all was good. I was just very confused in the beginning and questioned whether or not I was losing my mind!

ImageSquare 15: So please disregard the lighting in this photo. I had a casting early this morning, which is normally when I take these photos because it’s when I have the best light in my window sill, but I had to wait and the light was weird so I had to use my wooden table as background and the light was STILL weird. Oh well..can’t win them all 🙂 This pattern is Purple Passion from 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares. I’ve been getting most of my patterns from this book and I really like most of them. I just wish the book had crochet charts along with the patterns..sometimes it just makes things easier.

ImageI just had to share those cool treasures with you all and my so not impressive three squares. More coming up!!!

Over and out all!

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what i’m listening to: one direction……don’t judge me.

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  1. Debbie Anderson said:

    You need to buy that cute little pink saucer!!!

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