Christmas Presents

I’m starting to get a little worried here folks. I feel like Christmas is swiftly approaching and I still don’t have as many presents done as I would like. I promised myself I would make all my presents this year, either by knitting, crocheting, pottery, painting, cross stitch, WHATEVER. It just has to be made by me. Well I have a pretty large family and that’s a big order to fill. I did, however, start working on a pretty special present yesterday.


I received this yarn from the basket I won from the New York Yarn Crawl. It’s Berroco Lodge in Redwood. I’m really enjoying this yarn and the colors are so beautiful. I’m loving the hand-spun look as well. I got ten balls of it so I’m going to make a blanket or throw of it. 🙂

Yesterday was such a lovely day I just had to go do some crochet in the park. I laid out the blanket and took in as much sun as I could get before it set for the night. I didn’t get very much crochet done since a student approached me for an interview for a school project, but I still loved people watching in the Square.


This handsome devil even joined me!



Obsessed with this yarn. Ha! It’s just so soft and squishy! And I wanted to show off my manicure. I had to get one for a shoot I did a couple days ago.


Dan’s always a good sport about letting me take pictures of him. He hates pictures..ha so opposite of me. But I just can’t help it!


“Dan take a picture of me crocheting!!!”


La te da making a blanket!


This is one of my favorite sections from the yarn. The colors are so vibrant but not in a cheesy way.


Right now the throw looks more like a scarf than anything but I really hope it turns out okay.


Hope you’ve all had lovely weekends! And now I hope you all have a great week 🙂 🙂

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