Park Frolicking

My favorite time of year is coming to a closing and Winter will soon be upon us. Womp 😦 Yesterday was a most beautiful Autumn day! I feel as though it may have been one of the last so I took advantage and did some lovely park frolicking and picture taking. I now live half a block from Thompkins Square here in the city. Thompkins is a nice little park in the heart of Alphabet City, which is part of the East Village (the seedier, grittier part :p ) for those of you who aren’t familiar with it. I moseyed on over and I beheld a most glorious sight!!! LEAVES WERE FALLING EVERYWHEREEEEE! I love when the wind blows and colors of red, orange, and yellow flow everywhere. It makes my heart sing a joyful tune. 🙂


I’m sure most people in the park thought I was a nut. I was skipping around in the leaves, taking pictures to my hearts content of more leaves and petting dogs.


Whilst out I also came about a sweet farmer’s market. I was just trying to take some nice pictures of some cute veggies, but apparently people don’t like having their vegetables photographed. I kept getting shooed away. HA! 😛






I also had to of course get some snaps of my blanket. I suppose a girl taking pictures of a quarter of a blanket in the park didn’t exactly help my “nuttiness”. hehe


I adding FORTY hexies yesterday after my park journey. Sometimes I feel as though this blanket will never be finished. It’s just such a huge process making the hexies with all the different colors and no repetitions, crocheting, and cutting, and more yarn, and so on and so forth.


Dear Strawberry Patch, please be done soon. I love you, but for realz, I’m getting a bit impatient. Love, Vic.

instagram: themenagerie

personal: vicasaurusrex

what i’m listening to: Riverside by Agnes Obel

  1. Sheena said:

    That’s a nice lookin’ blanket you’ve got there!

  2. Debbie Anderson said:

    Those veggies looked really good especially the bunches of carrots! The leaves are beautiful in the park!

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