It’s Been Waaaay Too Long

Hey Everyone! So I’ve been incredibly m.i.a as of late. This is all due to the fact that I’ve been up to my eyeballs in stress. Moving in New York City is honestly one of the most frustrating, disappointing, and stressful things any person will every do in their life. I can’t tell you how many meltdowns I’ve had. BUT, that’s all done and over with now! I have finally got a place 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m now a resident of the East Village. Woop WOOP!!!! Excitement people!

Over the past few days I have been unpacking and settling in to my new place. My poor hands and fingers were all gnarled and bruised from moving and grabbing, but I did manage to do some crochet granny squares today. I just missed it, darn it!

Square number 8: Sailing Along pattern from 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares. This one is definitely one of my favorites thus far. The colors remind me of a daffodil 🙂


Square number 9:


Square number 10: Breezy Filet in 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares. Although it looks super elementary, it gave me a fit and a half. I don’t know what it was about this even looks kinda wonky.


Square number 11: I attempted to block this one to look more even and “nice”. It made it look TEN TIMES WORSE. I think I’m bad at blocking…


Granny square number 12: Moody Blues from 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares


Granny Square 13: Quadruple Shells from 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares. I LUH UHVE this square and I’m particularly proud of it too! I improved the border by adding the slip stitch, or I suppose in this case it’d be called a surface stitch to give it some more color. Originally it was just going to be the blue and green but I love the way the white looks against the blue.  SOOOO PROUD 😀


Being stressed out the wazoo and on the brink of a mass murder I was trying to find some quiet moments in the chaos and “attempt” to document the move.

THIS is what I was dealing with times ten. It has since gotten better 🙂




Unpacking the yarnnnn! 🙂


Some of my knick knackery


Yayayayayayay for folded sheets!


My neutral yarns all packed away in their cozy shelf.


Trying to find the quiet moments…

Until next time (hopefully with some pictures of a more organized apartment!)

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personal: vicasaurusrex

What I’m Listening To: Alexi Murdoch, Orange Sky

  1. good luck with settling … I know it can take forever :))

  2. Debbie Anderson said:

    I love where you put the sofa and kitchen table! It looks great! I think things are coming together. It certainly looks 100x better than when I left on Saturday.

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