Granny Palooza

So I’m not saying I started a 365 Granny blanket, but I’m not saying I didn’t either..

Okay so here’s the deal. I’m out of yarn for my strawberry patch blanket and I’m out of yarn for a few other projects as well. I do, however, need something to busy my hands. Sooo…I’m just going to be practicing different granny’s and MAYBE JUST MAYBE it’ll be done in a year, maybe less. And MAYBE I will turn them into a blanket..maybe 🙂 we’ll see 🙂

Here are a few I’ve been working on thus far.

Granny #1: your typical “sunburst granny” here. I got my pattern from


Square #2: got it here:


Square #3: Plan ole granny yall.


Square #4: Daisy Granny:


Square #5: Sunny Day square from 50 fabulous crochet squares by Jean Leinhasuer and Rita Weiss. I did change a bit of the pattern. Instead of one single crochet on the last round inbetween the single crochet on the previous round I just did a sc in the tops of each stitch on top of it and made those two stitches into one. So I basically made a decrease of those two stitches because one looked two uneven. I know reading this it makes no sense but I don’t know how else to write…that’s that.


Square #6: Heart Square: I changed this pattern a lot. The last two rounds are pretty different. It would take years to say what I did differently..and to be honest I’m not completely sure, but at the time it made sense. If you really want to know hit me up and I’ll tell ya. 🙂


Square #7: I love this one! I added one more round just to make it a bit bigger.


Love all the differentness! Makes me a happy happy camper!



Yeeeeee so much grannying. I’ve learnt so far that different patterns, written by different people, are well..different. People have such different styles and different terms for things. The only universal crochet language are charts. I’m starting to like charts.

Have a grannyful rest of the week!

Song I’m Listening to at the moment: Man of Constant Sorrow by the Soggy Bottom Boys. Who else watched Brother, Where Art Thou on Friday night? WOOOP!

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