Lots Going On!

Hello ! Happy Tuesday. I got up early today before work JUST TO DO A NEW BLOG POST 😀 .

This weekend was such a fun and lovely one and I can’t wait to show you some goodies I got. This past weekend was the fifth annual New York City Yarn Crawl. There were 10 stores total participating. At each store you could enter and raffle to win one of ten AWESOME gift baskets filled to the brim  with goodies from sponsors such as Cascade and Rowan. AND GUESS WHO WON ONE?!!!!! MEEEEEEEEEE. I’m so flipping excited. I haven’t gotten my basket yet because the store I won at, String, is only open until 5:30 and I had to work yesterday and today until 5:30, so I am hoping that I can go get it tomorrow! I will show you all the fantasticness it contains! So happy!!!

I also got a few balls of yarn of course during the crawl….I probably shouldn’t have but they were on sale and I had a hard time saying no…

From School Products Yarn I got two balls of Karabella Aurora 8 Exrafine Merino Wool in this beautiful plummy magenta color.


From Downtown Yarns on Avenue A I got two skeins of Lamb’s Pride Bulky Wool in this beautiful colors! I’m going to make hats out of this for Christmas presents.


Luh-uve this green color!


I’ve been adding hexies like crazy to my Strawberry Patch Blanket. The only problem is that I’m running low on yarn. I use Stylecraft and they don’t sell that here in the States so I have to order it online, which takes several weeks to come in 😦



Working away in my fuzzy socks!


I’m also moving! I’ve started to pack and I think I have more books than any other 20 year old I know. I sure do love looking at them all stacked up!


I also have a TON  of mapbooks and street maps for other countries.



The only ones missing are Milan, which my sister has, and Auckland, NZ which I’ve lost.

My boyfriend and I went on a romantic date this weekend. We always like to just pick a neighborhood and walk around, looking at menus until we find a place to eat. We were walking around the East Village when we just came up on the most amazing and cute Italian place. We even got the best table in the house.  We were literally on our own private little balcony on the most beautiful Autumn night. Such a great time.


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  1. Debbie Anderson said:

    I love the picture of you and Dan at the balcony table! So cute!

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