Updated Blanket Progress

Well it is the last day of the weekend, and once again I feel as if it has eluded me. I still have a long list of things I wish I had gotten done, but oh well. I’m going to enjoy my last remaining hours of weekendery with some crochet and napping. (HA!)

I worked a ton on my Strawberry Patch blanket the past few days and the progress has me incredibly excited! I even went to a knitting group meeting called the Park Slope Knitting Circle (where they also welcome crocheters) and worked up so many circles. I decided to do  a bunch of circles and then attach them all at the same time and not have to concentrate on color combinations too much. 



I love seeing all the colors together! EEEP. Makes my girly heart sing.




Here’s the progress I’ve made so far..which isn’t very much. Since my hiatus from crocheting due to knitting and fashion week and just straight up having little to no time for fiber arts, there isn’t much to show. After I connect all 40 of my circles it’ll be easy breezy from there.


I also bought a wonderful little sugar pumpkin at the Union Square Farmer’s Market to make a pumpkin pie, but then I checked my bank account and realized I was running a tad low in funds and couldn’t really afford to get the rest of the ingredients..whoops. Hopefully the pumpkin pie will come soon!!! Until then it sure does look cute in the window 🙂


And look at these lovely flowers my roommate got us for the apartment!!!!



Can’t wait to show you all more progress!!!!! 🙂 Enjoy the week.


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