Back to the Strawberry Patch

Hello all! Lately I have been so deep within the world of knitting that I haven’t done ANY crochet. I know..crazy. But I was flat out determined to learn how to knit. I’m not done with my wonky scarf yet, but I have finished my matching hat. I don’t have any pictures of the final project yet, but it’s a comin!

Yesterday I actually got around to working on my Strawberry Patch blanket again. It’s so wonderful working with bright happy colors again.




The weather has been insanely beautiful as of late, so the last week or two I’ve been into lots of outdoor knitting. Luckily I live in sortof an apartment complex-type thing here in the city, so we have a huuuuge lawn to frolick on. What does that mean? It means I drag my boyfriend outside to sit on wet grass (that he’s allergic to by the way), in the hot sun, to lay uncomfortably on a gross blanket we found. AND I LOVE IT! a;ldkfja;ldf so much happiness!


Swooon, my guy on a picnic blanket, studying. This is what’s sexy people, not swag. Just saying.


This was my first attempt at knitting on circular needles, or rather just trying to make anything other than a scarf. I feel like circulars are so intimidating, and double pointed needles are even more so! AHHH. But luckily I’ve managed. Can’t wait to show my finished wonky hat. 🙂

The light was so wonderful as the sun was setting. Being here in the city, the thing I miss the most about home (besides my loved ones of course) is the splendid display of nature that was always around me. Little moments, such as this one, make my days a little brighter.


Here’s the hat a bit more knit up. I didn’t really follow a pattern. I honestly just started going. I did a few rows of knit 2, purl 2 ribbing and then did the knit stitch from there, which happens to translate to stocknitte stitch in the round, and then I did about 6-7 rows of decrease.



I absolutely adore stocknitte stitch. I wish it wasn’t so finicky though.

Tis the season so I’ve done some baking as well. In honor of my dearest Autumn, I made some pumpkin spice rice crispies.

Here’s the recipe I adapted mine from:

I’ve seen a billion and one recipes for these, and in the comment section people always say they’re soggy. So using that info I made some alterations. HOWEVER, I did make a first batch that turned out awful and soggy. Why? Because I didn’t read the ingredients properly and added an entire can of pumpkin instead of a 1/4 of a cup. With making the first batch I found the pumpkin literally soaked up all the marshmallowy goodness. Also I didn’t think it had enough “spice”. With my second batch I followed the directions and used 1/4 of a cup “dried up” pumpkin. I also added half a bag more of marshmallow. I don’t think anyone would complain that their rice crispies had too much marshmallow. I also just added more of the spices. I can’t give exact amounts because I just eyeballed it. If the recipe says a tsp then I probably added half a tsp more, just to give an idea.And guess what? They turned out amazing!!

I took them to my bookers at my agency since they always hear of my baking and have never recieved anything. Not cool. Here they are all bagged up, all cute ready to go!



I’d say it’s been pretty productive around here lately. Sometimes I get a bit discouraged when I see instagrams or blogs of crocheters/knitters and they literally crank out blankets in a day or two or make 5 hats in one day. I wish I could sit down for 3 hours and do that, but I just have to get outside and move around. I love fiber arts, but I guess my attention span just isn’t that great. But I shall not get down, and I shall carry on with my fiber arts!!! 🙂

Have a great week 😀

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Personal: vicasaurusrex

What I’m listening to: One Direction..I saw the movie and now I’m obsessed with their upbeat love-filled pop songs.

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  1. J said:

    Loving that Strawberry Patch colour palette, very sweet! Good for you finishing your knit hat! I am wanting to learn to knit and just starting out trying to figure out what needles to get and browsing through how-to books for some guidance. Can’t wait to see what you knit next!

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