The Beginnings of a New Project

It seems I have done exactly what I said I wouldn’t do…I started a new bigger project. Heh…of course. Well, I couldn’t help it! I had an itch that I just had to scratch. So I’ve started my Strawberry Patch Blanket!!! 🙂


It is in it’s very very early developmental stages. I loved the colors and just had to do something with them. I’ve never done this granny hexagon pattern before (find it here) and I just love it. It’s easy and fast, but not boring. I did make a tiny mistake though. In the last round you make chains of 3 (i think) and then attach the last round  double crochets to them..well for the first two hexies I did the chains and then I forgot for the rest. Oh well. It doesn’t make a huge difference and it’s a ton faster.  Go with the flow, right?

The yarn I’m using is Stylecraft Special DK, all acrylic in Meadow, Cream,  Apricot, Soft Peach, and Shrimp.

Sure, it probably would’ve made them a fraction, not even a big 1/100 prettier. So I don’t care. Next time though..I won’t forget!!!


So when I was playing around with the colors originally that lightish pinkish color was not included. To me it looks like it doesn’t belong. However, when I had the idea for the hexagon blanket I thought it needed one more color. It just looked incomplete without it. And yes, it looks like the outlier here, but I think it blends nicely when incorporated into the blanket. I don’t think Stylecraft makes a lighter version of the peach, so the lighter pink will have to do!


Also, New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 is almost upon us. That means that I’m going to be running around the city from casting to casting all day and it means I won’t have much time for crocheting or updating the blog. I will try my best, but so far I am the walking dead. Hopefully I get some good shows though!!!

Good news is, that I can fit my Strawberry Patch blanket in my bag and I take it with me and crochet while I’m waiting at castings. I don’t get very much done, but it gives me solace and a bit of relaxation during the day that keeps me sane.


I did manage to find a bit of a time this morning to work on it and drink tea, Pumpkin Spice tea to be exact. FALL IS ALMOST HERE YEEE!


Slowly, but surely, I am making progress on this wonderful blankie. I hope I can finish in less than a month. We shall see!! My last blanket took several months because I’m a procrastinator and a lazy pants. This time I’m going to have my butt in gear.

I went on a walk a few days ago and here are some pictures from my journey. I love going on walks, especially here in the city because you never know what you will come across.

For instance, I saw a kid walking his pet PIG. And it wasn’t one of those cute little ones, it was a big honking pig. I asked him for a picture and he said yes but I could tell he was a little scared of me, probably because I’m a weird stranger talking to him about his pig, so I snapped just this picture and left.






Hope everyone has a very explorative day!

  1. I love this pattern, I recently added it to my project list. the colours you have chosen are gorgeous, I am truly inspired to move this up to the top of my list.

  2. J said:

    Love the colours together, I think my next project will definitely be a hexagon blanket as well!

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