So Much Experimenting!

Hi folks! These past few days I have been experimenting like crazy with new patterns and projects. Sometimes when I am in between huge projects or just crave that feeling of starting something new I like to do some little fun projects.

A booker in my agency just had a baby girl so I wanted to try my hand at making something ‘baby’. The thought of making clothes just plain intimidates me. That said, I decided to stick to something more simple. Using this pattern I made a cutey patoooty hat!!


I had some Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton leftover from a blanket I made and I thought it would be perfect for a baby! It’s incredibly soft and nonirritating.

Also I followed the pattern exactly and my hat seemed..really small. I’ve never really been around a newborn and obviously I’ve never had a baby so I don’t know much about their measurements. It just seemed really teeny!

Then I decided to make some matching mittens!!! Winter is coming in the city and this baby cant’ have cold hands!




I’ve also been itching to do something with lots of colors, so seeing a fellow crocheter, flowersoul4’s instagram I got inspired by her granny stars. Doing some research I found the pattern (and more inspiration) through Attic 24’s blog, and here is the pattern at the Royal Sisters.


Tra la la la so much color!!!


This star is my favorite so far. I liked that the strings made it look like a shooting star.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with all these color-filled stars but it’ll be cute, that’s for sure!

Happy almost Friday everyone!!!!

Instagram: themenagerie

Personal: vicasaurusrex

What I’m Listening To At The Moment: ‘N Sync , the first album, yo! 

I waaaaaant you back! duh duna duh duh!

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  1. Debbie Anderson said:

    The baby hat and mittens are adorable!

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