Happy Monday!!

Hope everyone had a most wonderful weekend. I know I did 🙂 I found some radical pieces o’ furniture on the street, had some amazing eats, and did quite a bit of organizing and crochet !


Oh and did I mention my wonderful guy had these beauties waiting for me when I got back from London?! What a guy. 🙂

On Friday night Daniel and I decided to go out to eat–something we don’t do very often because well..we have no money. Whenever we go out to eat we never have a place in mind. We just like to walk around a neighborhood until we find something that tickles our fancy. I love these walks because not only do we get to spend some quality time together, but neither of us is stressed out or in a hurry to be somewhere or ON THE PHONE. I’m in Alphabet City here in NY so we decided to walk around in my hood. We finally settled on a cute Italian place we had passed a few times before called Spina. Oh. my. goodness. This place was AMAZING. Some of the best food I’ve had in like..the past YEAR.

Daniel got mini gnocchi with a sweet ragu sauce, which was delicious, but my dish definitely was the winner of the night. It was ear shaped pasta (all their pasta is homemade by the way!!!) with lamb and truffle butter sauce with sweet peas. It was one of the best dishes I think I’ve ever had. I just had to tell people about it. SO GOOD.

And then the next night we went to Olive Garden. HA! Don’t ask why we went there of all places. It was exactly as it always is..mediocre.

Friday night as we were walking to Alphabet City we also came across some wonderful furniture on the street just waiting to be taken home and loved. I got a lovely solid wood side table, and a cabinet/tv stand type thing. Daniel took home a tall skinny bookshelf and a desk. How’s that for one night?!


Here’s the side table. I la la la looooove this thing. 


I’m using it to store frames and pictures that I have, but just haven’t gotten around to hanging yet.

As soon as I saw the bigger cabinetty/tv standish type piece I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for. Yarn storage! I had lots of baskets and bins and even an antique suitcase full of yarn! Even with all of that I still could not contain all my yarn. First I needed to organize all zee yarn. So I pulled everything out and decided to organize by color to make it more appealing to the eye.


And then I realized I had so much yarn I could start my own shop. And I also came to the conclusion that I am not allowed to buy anymore BLUE yarn!!!! I had so much it was ridiculous.

Andddd…after squishing in all the yarn and sneezing a billion times from all the stirred up dust….HERE IT IS!!!


I love walking into my room and seeing the bright display of yarny color! It makes me so happy!!





And now I have a cute place to store my hooks and needles and buttons and such 🙂


This morning I’ve been hooking up some dishcloths/potholders/washcloths. Christmas is coming fast and I want to get a head start on gifts!!! They are just super simple, plain dishcloths. If I’m going to eventually throw something away I’m not going to make it too fancy. I love cotton but I am remembering why I don’t work with it too often. It is so hard on my hands. My poor fingers are in need of a massage! And please note my cute butterfly and polka dot tea cup!!


Hope you all had a great weekend!



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