London Calling!

As soon as I got back from my trip to San Diego I had to fly to London for 3 nights to do a photoshoot for Space NK/Apothecary. Exciting exciting!!!


Flying the red eye, I landed at 7:40 the very next morning with an entire FREE DAY ahead of me!!! So what did I do? I fell asleep face down, drooling in my pillow. HA! However, my boyfriend did call and wake me up, so I got my butt in gear and decided to explore London. I just also want to add in that I rode the Tube/Underground like a pro. 😉

London has many great museums, but I was low on budget and time, so free walking activities were the only things I could do, but for me that was enough. I love just walking and exploring.

The very first place I went was St. James Royal Park.


It’s absolutely beautiful in the park. It was also a most beautiful rare day in London! Sunny all day, about 76 degrees (24.4 for you Europeans), and not a cloud in the sky. So many people were out playing and relaxing in the sun.


And I also got to see Buckingham Palace! Let me tell you, this place was a zoo!


Here is the Victoria Memorial. I thought it was a bit much for the people of London to make me a statue for my arrival, but what can I say, I love it. (bad joke) HA!


My favorite park I went to was Green Park. I loved all the tall trees lining the walkways.


This is the London Cavalry. I tried to get a picture of one of the guards in his cool getup but there were so many people pushing and shoving their children in front of him it was a hopeless cause.


BIg Ben! WOOOOOOO! It was starting to get a bit dark at this point…I mean it was like 7 or 8ish pm. So excuse the dark photos.



Lastly I saw the London Eye. Other mentionables were St. James Palace, The Queen’s Chapel, Harrods, Hyde Park, Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Winston Churchill statue. Some things I couldn’t get a picture of or the pictures just didn’t turn out.

I tried, also, to get to some yarn stores but since it was Sunday most were either closed or just too far away. Next time!

The job was also incredibly fun. The pictures will come out in a Christmas brochure in October so be on the lookout! I’ll also post my behind the scenes photos as well.

Over and out 🙂

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