Concerts Ahoy!

The past few days have been filled with the sweetest of sounds. I live facing the East River and on many occasions they have little events and weddings and concerts so when we saw them setting up music equipment it wasn’t such a big deal. Dan and I were midway through making dinner when I heard the music start so I opened the window. The music sounded so familiar, but I just couldn’t place my finger on it. Dan took a listen and he said “Sounds kinda like Edward Sharpe..” And then I screamed “IT IS!!!!!!”

We abandoned our dinner and ran down to the water and lo and behold it was. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros were having a secret concert!!! Tickets were $30 and that’s a bit steep for us so we just decided to sit on the side and watch. We watched for about 30 minutes and then they just started letting people in for free! I honestly don’t think anyone there was as enthused as Daniel and myself. We sang and danced to our hearts’ content. It was also an incredible and intimate concert. There were only about 150 people there. The stars were beautiful, the music was beautiful, and the atmosphere was to die for. Only in New York would this happen. HA!

After the concert we came home and resumed dinner and it was as if nothing had ever happened. It was so surreal.





The next night Daniel and I went to dinner with his grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, and 3 younger cousins. The younger kids and grandma and grandpa went to see Newsies and the rest of us went to see Let It Be, the new Beatles musical. It was great! It also happened to be opening night. It wasn’t much of a play, but more of a concert. They played something like…30-40 songs and it was amazing to actually hear the songs live. It is the closests we will ever get to going to a Beatles concert.









I’m a crazed Beatles fan! A;DLKAF;SLDKFJASDA;DLFJ


Over and out!


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