past couple days I’ve had to put my popcorn flower granny project on hold because I’m low on my light purple Stylecraft yarn. So, whilst it’s being flown over the Atlantic to my doorstep, I’ve been working with my other colors. I wanted to do something that would use all my stylecraft colors and be quick….sooooo I decided to make some bunting. I’ve been on a garland/bunting kick lately. I guess because it’s so quick (I’m not very patient wah).


It was so difficult to get a decent picture of the bunting! It was so long, and my room was so messy. Eep!


First off, I love this yarn. It’s so cheap and soft and colorful and did I mention cheap? The only downside is the fact that it takes almost two weeks to get here from the UK. BOO! It’s worth the wait 🙂


I used this bunting pattern from Carina’s Craft Blog. Here embroidery is amazeballs. It’s on my list of things to conquer next. It hooks up incredibly fast, I made 16 in one sitting of  two-ish hours. Connecting them is easy also.


A first on this project was blocking. I’ve never blocked anything because I’ve never really had to, but since the edges kept folding up I decided it was time to put on some big girl undies and just do it. And it was easy peasy smeasy.


I just pinned the triangles down to my mini ironing board (thanks mom!) and then used my tiny handheld steamer (thanks again mom!) to steam them for a few minutes. I then let them dry and that was that. SO easy.



I hung mine up in my room since I have this hangy downy beam and I love waking up to a burst of color, and my boyfriend approves. YAYAYAYAYYY! I LOVE IT. I always get so excited after I complete a project.


My wonderful boyfriend nailed my bunting up for me! And bless his heart he had to move it about four times.


I tried to get a picture of the entire thing but this was the best my boyfriend and I could do. Yes, my room is incredibly messy. This is why there aren’t many pictures of it! HA!


My guy and I have also been watching Animal Planet round the clock. It’s reality tv, but you’re learning about animals. (That’s how we validate it to ourselves haha). We love Treehouse Masters!!! Anywho, if you love trashy reality tv and you’re tired of Duck Dynasty and Hardcore Pawn, switch over to Animal Planet.


And on another sidenote, today is my boyfriend and I’s half a year mark and I’m excited, darn it! You might think it silly, but I’m always finding an excuse to celebrate something. My mom bought me a book of the history of NYC and in the back it has several walking tours around the city that highlight historic landmarks and has little tidbits of history, so we’re going to do one of those today! YIPPPEE! I can’t wait.

Also whenever you have the chance check out my instagram themenagerie or my personal vicasaurusrex

Until next time!


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