Prepare thine self..

for some radical yarn porn and some new projects!!! WOOOHOOOO! So I finally got my new camera ( Nikon D3100) and so far I’m in love. I just want to take pictures of everything. But I’ve also been crocheting up some new stuff that I am very excited about. Also considering making a pinterest account for this bloggy blog. I think it’d be a grand ole way to get all my crochet genius (ha..yeah right) out into the world.

Enjoy the pictures! A;LKDFJ;ALDKJ (uncontainable excitement)


Here are my wonderful popcorn flower grannys in my favorite red bowl. I’m thinking of making a pillowcase of these. I don’t want to make a pillow cover..I want to make a case. Make sense? I want to be able to take it off and change it. Is that heard of in the crochet world? Well I guess we’ll see if it turns out okay or looks decent. I’m very very excited to see how this turns out.

I’ve also been working on some garland. It’s some cotton I had laying around leftover from  some previous projects and I just loved the colors so I knew I needed to use it. For the blue, green, and magenta I used Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton and the red is Peaches and Crème. I don’t have the labels so I don’t know the official names but you get the gist.



Obviously I’m not done yet and I haven’t weaved in all the ends. You know you hate weaving in ends too.



I think I’ll add buttons to the centers of the flowers once I’m done crocheting everything up. Buttons just make everything cuter. Fact.

And now a bit of the yarn porn I promised.




Sexy right? This is my Stylecraft Special DK.

Oh much yarny goodness in this post. I feel so much better just getting out all of these pictures. Crochet ahoy everyone!

Until next time!

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