Fourth of July

Happy belated Fourth of July to all! This past week I was lucky enough to spend at home in my native North Carolina. It was such a great break from city life. I got to hear birds chirping as I woke up, lawn mowers mowing in the far distance, and see my beautiful family’s every single day. Sounds like a dream, right? I also got to take my beau, Daniel, to NC…he’s a Cali boy so it was culture shock for sure. But he said he loved good ole Clayton (my hometown).

Maybe he’s just as bonkers as the rest of us who like it there!

We went to Downtown Raleigh..for those of you who don’t know it’s a very beautiful part of town and becoming quite hip, I gave him a tour of Clayton, he ate a red hotdog for the first time, and got a personal tour of Chapel Hill (UNC’s campus) from my dad, who is as big a Tarheel as they come.

For the Fourth we just had a big bonfire in the backyard and shot off as many fireworks as we could, and of course we cooked out on the grill. Twas a jolly and patriotic time.



My sister Lizz, myself, and my best friend whose name also happens to be Victoria.





Annnnnnnddddd here’s an awkward one because they’re always the best pictures.





My mom’s beautiful veggie garden that I’m so flippin jealous of!


Basil, protector of vegetables.


Home Sweet Home. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.


P.S.!!!! I finally got my new camera so expect lots of yarn and nature pictures coming up!!!!




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