Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday to everyone and I hope you all had a grand ole weekend! I was a busy busy bee this past Friday through Sunday and it was wonderful! I met my boyfriend’s mother and had two very successful photo shoots.

My boyfriend Daniel’s parents came to visit the city this weekend from San Diego and I got to meet his lovely mother. I think we hit it off pretty well 🙂 We are both goobers. HA! Friday, the four of us, went to a great Moroccan place in Williamsburg called Café Mogador and let me tell you, it was one of the best meals I’ve had in a great while. Everything we had was so delicious!

The scarf in my previous post that I was making her turned out pretty good, but Dan and I decided to not give it to her because it was a bit itchy and short, so I’m happy to have it! Instead she came over tonight, peeked through my yarn stash, and got to pick her own colors. She decided on a lovely blue, and turquoise, and gray multicolor cotton/silk yarn from Japan that I have been dying to use!!! Can’t wait to start that up.


My first shoot on Friday was for Fault magazine and the deep colors of the colors and peeps of orange were so reminiscent of fall. I just love fall..it is my favorite of the four seasons and it just made me miss it more!


I lurvvved the nail art!



My second shoot was today, shot all over Jersey City. I love love love it so much over there. It is a short train ride from the city and it is the most quaint and adorable place ever. This shoot was so different from my one on Friday. The clothes were full of color and wacky patterns!


Check out this rad donut bathing suit ^^^^



Both were great and super sweet teams.


I’ve also been hooking up a new project that I just can’t put down. It’s inspired by the “Something Pretty” pattern at Millie Makes. I want to make a pillowcase for my bed just to give it some more pizazz. I’m wanting to connect the squares with a sage green color. I just can’t wait to see how this turns out!!



Until next time!

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